Morocco confirms the passage and this is how the round of 16 of the Africa Cup remains


The teams of Morocco and Mali, as the first in groups F and E, respectively; South Africa and Congo, as second, and Ivory Coast, without playing, and Namibia, among the four best third parties, completed this Wednesday the table for the round of 16 of the Africa Cup, which starts next Saturday .

Only six places remain to be resolved on the final day of the group stage, where ten teams have already qualified: Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde, Senegal and Angola, as the first of their quartets; Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt and Burkina Faso, as runners-up, and Guinea and Mauritania will surely advance to the best third places.

Hakim Ziyech scored the only goal of four games on the final day. His goal reaffirmed Morocco at the top of Group F, with a 0-1 victory over Zambia, and launched them into the round of 16, where they will face South Africa, who are second in Group E.

Next to them, as the second of their quartet, Congo qualified, with three points, the result of three draws in three days, the last of which was Wednesday against Tanzania, which finished fourth and was eliminated, as well as Zambia, which not enough for him to be one of the four best third parties to advance to the playoffs.

In the rebound, Côte d’Ivoire, without playing, was classified as the last best third, despite the fact that a few hours before its coach, Jean-Louis Gasset, was dismissed, as announced by the federation of its country. Senegal awaits him in the round of 16, leading his quartet.

In group E, Mali did not beat Namibia (0-0), but it didn’t need to either, as it retained first place thanks to a tie at the same time in South Africa against Tunisia (0-0), where the point is not It is of no use to him. He finished last in his quartet, without a single win in the three rounds of his participation in this edition of the tournament.

This is how the round of 16 remains

Saturday January 27, 2024
6:00 pm: Angola – Namibia
9:00 pm: Nigeria – Cameroon

Sunday January 28, 2024
18:00 hours: Equatorial Guinea – Guinea
9:00 pm: Egypt – Congo

Monday, January 29, 2024
6:00 pm: Cape Verde – Mauritania
9:00 pm: Senegal – Ivory Coast

Tuesday January 30, 2024
6:00 pm: Mali – Burkina Faso
9:00 pm: Morocco – South Africa

Source: La Verdad


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