Klopp’s first words after his decision to leave Liverpool: “I owe you the truth”


The football world is in shock. They almost went into mourning in Liverpool after, unexpectedly, Jurgen Klopp announced his decision to leave Liverpool at the end of this season, leaving a glorious time at the club.

After it became official, the Reds posted the first interview with the German, in which he spoke about his decision: “I will leave the club at the end of the season. “I understand that it’s a shock to a lot of people right now, when they hear it for the first time, but obviously I can explain it, or at least try.”

“I love everything about this club and the city, as well as the fans, the team and the staff. The fact that I’m still sure about making this decision probably shows you that I’m convinced that this is what I should do.”he began what he said Kloppbefore justifying himself and giving the reasons for his farewell.

Struggling with his words, and clearly having a bitter time, Klopp is justified: “I can only… How to put it? I’m running out of energy. It’s obviously not a problem now, I think I’ve known for a long time that I had to express it at some point. I am fine now, but I also know that I cannot do the task again, and again, and again, and again.. And after all the years and time we’ve been together, the things we’ve shared, the respect and love I have for you, the last thing I owe you is the truth. And this is the truth.”

So, Jurgen Klopp, one of the most successful managers in Liverpool’s history, will end his career at Anfield, where he was an idol, at the end of the current campaign. Who knows if he is capable of leaving with the Premier League under his arm, as the Reds are currently leading a very tight English championship.

He also had a few words for Liverpool fans to understand the process. “I’m fine, healthy. People have nothing to worry about. People see my work from outside, on the field, training and things like that. The next seasons are planned soon and we talk about potentials, signings, preseason… And it came to me that I’m not sure if I’m safe here. I surprised myself and started thinking about it. It was very difficult last season and there were moment that at another club the decision to say goodbye would probably have been taken. It didn’t happen to me. For me it was very important to help the team get back to their place, this is all I thought. And when I realized as soon as possible that’s happening. With potential and character in the group, I started thinking about myself again and that popped into my mind. It’s not something I wanted, but it’s what started to feel right to me. That’s all.”

Why announce the decision now: “In a perfect world, I wouldn’t tell anyone until the end of the season. But it’s not possible. In the world we live in, it’s impossible to keep this information a secret. It’s still a surprise to be able to keep it until now, but a lot of things influenced. Especially my personal situation. My staff and the club should know as soon as possible. Also the club to be able to plan. The club needs all the time possible, my role has obviously been dominant , it wasn’t on purpose, so it was In many moments I wished I didn’t have to do it again, it was the third time I had to do something similar and it was something I didn’t want to do. But in the end, I had to I want to do it, and I’m convinced to do it better sooner rather than later. That would have been the worst. What we’ve built at the club over the years are great platforms for a better future and the only thing that can breaking it now is not making the right decision because you don’t have time. “That’s very important to me, to let people know as soon as possible.”

Possible negative impact of the decision on the rest of the season: “I understand the question, I know it will happen. I had a similar situation in Dortmund, I cannot deny it. After this announcement there will be a press conference and so on but then I am 100% committed to the season. We have almost 30 games left. ahead. We have a lot of things to play. There are still ideas from outside to create confusion, but it all depends on us. The way we have grown together in the past that few years is exceptional and I have always said that, and more Now that it’s true, nothing will happen to me. Please don’t focus the games on me now. We support each other and I’m totally focused on this. I don’t think anyone has noticed any difference in the last few months. Only positive changes I have to say that when I made the decision it felt hard but it was also a liberation. It was a finish line but not because I’m not here anymore, but because I can’t do it anymore. We can perform at the highest level and we will only be distracted if we stop letting it happen as a club. I hope it’s not like that, with the team and with the fans I’m sure it won’t happen, that we’ll be fine. I think we deserve to do what we’ve always done, live in the moment, push each other and the rest is for next season. In recent times my name has always been there, but many people have worked behind it and will continue to do so. My role changes but other things remain the same. The club is in good hands and the future is bright and I can’t continue to do it with the same energy as before. If you look at my career, it seems impossible. Where I come from, ending up as manager of Liverpool is a fairy tale and a very difficult thing to plan and achieve. But this is only possible if you are very diligent and involved in everything, which is what I did. I came here as a normal boy, I still live a normal life and I don’t want to wait until I’m very old to have a normal life. And I have to see if I miss it. “I’ve never had this feeling before and I have to prove it and it’s the right time for me and for the club because I can’t do the job next season like I did the previous ones so I’m not the right person .”

The club’s reaction when they found out: “They don’t have a party. Obviously we have developed a great relationship over the years. I explained it to them. They have known me for a long time, they know that I don’t say things like this or leave doors open. to see if they can convince me. I went of course and they accepted. They weren’t happy, I wasn’t happy either, but I knew it was the right thing to do. What are the other scenarios? Normally when you’re a coach you end up fired. You have bad words before, five or six weeks and the parties separate. The other one didn’t even cross my mind. That you are sick and need to stop. Fortunately or unfortunately I have to do it this way. I don’t like to -scandal, I don’t consider myself important but I know the rest of the world sees it differently that’s why I’m going to hold a press conference and make an official announcement. It’s a strange thing to do in this situation , but we want to make sure people are with us and as informed as possible. After that I will focus on sports again. It’s a long time and I’m very focused on it. No need to worry about that. “It would be very cool if my decision is accepted.”

Source: La Verdad


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