Honami Maeda breaks Japan’s women’s marathon record


This Sunday was celebrated Osaka Women’s Marathonone of the most prestigious events on the Asian continent, bearing the Platinum label of World Athletics and part of Japan Marathon Championships Series (GS).

The winner of the race was the Ethiopian Workenesh Edesa, but all cameras were left with a photo of the second classified, the Japanese. Hanomi Maedawho beat the Japanese and Asian women’s record with a mark of 2 hours 18 minutes and 59 seconds.

“I wanted to beat this national record, so I’m very happy,” said the 27-year-old runner. “I wasn’t sure I could do it when the conditions worsened at the end of the race with wind and rain, but the cheers from the side of the road helped me keep going.”

Maeda shaved more than 3 minutes off his personal best and surpassed the previous Olympic champion’s record Mizuki Noguchi (2:19:12), dated 2005 in Berlin.

In addition, the athlete born in the city of Amagasaki achieved the olympic minimumwhich will allow her to attend her second consecutive Olympic Games in Paris this summer, unless an athlete achieves a better time at the Nagoya Women’s Marathon on March 10.

The Osaka Women’s Marathon podium was completed by a local athlete Mizuki Matsudawho staged a spectacular comeback, defeating his countryman Sayaka Sato and the Ugandan Stella Chesang in the final kilometers of the test to take third place.

Osaka Women’s Marathon 2024 Results

  1. Workenesh Edesa (ETH) 2:18:51
  2. Honami Maeda (JPN) 2:18:59
  3. Mizuki Matsuda (JPN) 2:23:07
  4. Stella Chesang (UGA) 2:23:36
  5. Sayaka Sato (JPN) 2:24:43
  6. Katharina Steinruck (GER) 2:24:56
  7. Natsumi Matsushita (JPN) 2:25:10
  8. Yuna Daito (JPN) 2:25:16
  9. Madoka Nakano (JPN) 2:26:50
  10. Mayu Nishikawa (JPN) 2:26:50

Source: La Verdad


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