1-2: La Real destroy Levante with a perfect second half and are in the semifinals


What a victory for Real Sociedad in Buñol! The students of Natalia Arroyo They knocked out a giant of women’s football like Levante, third in the Liga, confirmed their tremendous state of form and reach the semifinals of the Copa de la Reina. They will meet their rival this Friday. A superb victory and a piece of the second half was produced by the Realists, who overcame an early 1-0 home lead with 45 minutes of champagne football, so much dominance to create countless chances early on and pure craftsmanship to protect the spoils later . There is now a nine game unbeaten streak, with seven wins and two draws. What a reaction.

Natalia Arroyo surprised by the queue Cecilia Marcos starting back, even more considering Levante’s enormous offensive potential internationally Alba Redondo. Next to Cecilia is roofwho played his 100th game for Real. priest served as the axis in the midfield and above is the Nordic duo with Amaiurto find the goal.

Redondo against Cecilia

The first half was very good, with attacking action for both teams but few clear chances. The balance is tipped by the weakness of Ceciliawho suffered greatly with and without the ball. Alba Redondo he got rid of it in the seventh minute, the shot and the rebound of lete sent it into the back of the net Andonova.

Levante got what they had and Real didn’t, because the first time was txuri urdin. Cecilia He looked for a long ball that was poorly defended by Levante, Frances extended advantage for the increase of Barnabaswho violently shot at the goal, but could not beat TarazonaLevante’s third goalkeeper with a lot of future.

From there, hazard grenades from the left press Cecilia and good realistic vulnerability, but little else. ErikaOn two occasions, he shot the locals low, Nerea and Jensen shy and from afar for visitors. Real had a good run but poor selection in the final stages. Amaiur He scored a goal on a local mistake but it was offside.

Unquestionable step forward

Fixed many things Natalie at half-time as Real started the second half with Levante overwhelming and closing in on the goal. Cecilia he made a mistake in a good con, Jensen shot from a distance in an individual action, but the clearest is for Andrea. Real pressed in the opposite area with three players and caused the rearguard to make mistakes. Andrea he stole the ball from the goalkeeper, stopping the Portuguese’s shot and the rebound, which hit the Amaiur, walk across the goal line. Only then Frances was about to score with a good left-footed shot from a good centre Barnabasbut he hardly left.

Stream introduced to Emma in the 52nd minute Cecilia, and Real continued to be huge. Vanegas warned again with a corner before the tied goal of Frances, deservedly so. With the help of a defender, the Finn is defeated Tarazona shooting a loose ball from the front.

Real didn’t stop there, it was an offensive whirlwind. A few minutes later he made it 1-2 with a kick from Nerea Eizagirre from the front which crashed into the corner and that action was followed within five minutes by a shot against the post Andrea after a play to the left of Barnabas, and another left foot from the side, one of the best, that deflected Tarazona Domination is so great and plunder is so short. The award came in the 70th minute. Vanegas He scored a truly excellent goal from a direct free kick, over the bar, with a devilish thread. The scoreboard finally did justice.

The txuri urdin gradually surrendered the initiative to the grenades but remained firm in defending the result without suffering too much. Andreia and Apari They dominated the midfield and the defense didn’t allow the locals even a bit until the last push. Real defended with all their strength, but a poor clearance gave them a chance in the area Alba Redondo, but the entire defense tried to block that shot, and that block had a goal value, and a semifinal value. Next Please.




lift you up: Tarazona; Lloris (Nunes, min. 62), Mendoza, Méndez, Paula (Antonia, min. 75); Baños (Estela, min. 75), Fernández, Andonova; Sosa (Daniela, min. 55), Redondo, Erika.
Real society: Lethe; Cecilia (Emma, ​​​​min. 52), Tejada, Vanegas, Bernabé; Andreia, Apari, Nerea Eizagirre; Jensen, Franssi, Amaiur (Mirari, min. 83).
The objectives: 1-0 Andonova (min. 7); 1-1 France (min. 57); 1-2 Vanegas (min. 70)
Referee: Firvida Fernández (Aragon). He warned Lloris and Paula for the local team and Vanegas, Jensen, Andreia and Tejada for the visitors.
Incidents: The match corresponding to the quarterfinals of the Queen’s Cup played at Ciudad Deportiva de Buñol in front of around 250 spectators.

see the match sheet

Source: La Verdad


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