Take Kubo did not have a ‘match’ in Paris


This is the round of 16 of the Champions League. What a rhythm! La Real fulfilled the promise of Imanol: be brave. They pressed PSG to the point of suffocating them at times despite the risk taken in the form of spaces behind them. You have to take advantage of the holes the game and the opponent give you or you’re dead, and they didn’t.

The meeting was in two places: the royalist back and one against the other in hut the inexperienced are new Beraldo to the right. The Japanese danced as he pleased with the Brazilian, but he did not take advantage, in any way, of all the indebtedness of this clear advantage. It’s important for realistic generation, but it’s not as good as the team needs. He had 71 minutes to make a ‘match’, before Luis Enrique introduced to Lucas Hernandez, but there was heartbreak, within the team’s lack of offensive success. To no purpose, although in his particular case, he didn’t have Valentine’s Day as a couple because he didn’t look for his partner as much as he could and should have.

Bad decision

He left her several times but in deciding where he failed. Both are close to the goal Donnarumma, as in more remote and dangerous places. In fact, he has had defeats that could have ended in embarrassment due to poor selection or keeping the ball in what shouldn’t have been too long. He had 24 tackles and 64% on passes. And yet he provided a great center Silvaanother one of Pacheco and left an individual play to remember then Beraldo. Of course, it was marked at 1-0 Mbappeby forgetting to follow the corner mark.

In the view of Luke he just can’t. He said he was tired. Logical because of the load of minutes. He has not rested since his return from Qatar and, in fact, finished his third match in a row.

Barrenetxea, passed

The left wing is no better. Prince and above all, Barrenetxea They suffered in front of the scenario and what PSG proposed Ashraf and Dembele. The San Sebastian winger was even seen frustrated with every wrong action, with every defeat. It ended up being changed by Zakharyanmaybe it’s too late.

Source: La Verdad


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