Courtois responded by withdrawing his plaque from Wanda Metropolitano


The afternoon-evening controversy this Monday, was the withdrawal of the plate Thibaut Courtois shown in the walk of fame Wanda Metropolitan of a series of fans who have never met and want to show their anger at the Belgian player.

And that’s it Courtoisin the last days to engulf the end of Champions He remembered athletes with phrases that mattress fans didn’t like, after hearing their president say that whoever wanted to remove a plate was “out with a pick and a shovel” to do that, they already did ito.

However, in the face of this, Thibaut Courtois He did not want to add fuel to the fire, although he posted a photo on his social networks under the slogan “Hala Madrid” in which he was proud of winning the title of Champions and of MVP of the end.

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As a result, the atmosphere is heating up between the player and the crowd that is already waiting for his return to Metropolitan from next season where he will surely be scolded every time he touches the ball.

Source: La Verdad


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