The Government approved a multi-year budget for the Federations


The Council Minister approved this Tuesday, on the proposal of Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Icetathe agreement that allows Higher Sports Council (CSD) the announcement of a new assistance system for Sports Federations on a multiannual basis for the amount of 186,710,250 euros for 2022, 2023 and 2024, with the aim of guaranteeing its economic stability and the continuation of its sports programs throughout the Olympic and Paralympic cycles, ending in paris 2024.

In this way, with guaranteed budgets until 2024 regardless of the economic cycle, the The government grants FFDDEE the ability to work with greater precision with available resources, which will help plan and execute their budgets more efficiently and effectively in the coming years, and prepare athletes more adequately.

The current Sports Law considers sports with a high level of interest in the State as an important factor in the development of sport, the promotion of indigenous sports and for its role as Spain’s representative to international officials. sporting events or competitions. A representative function that is specifically seen at events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games and other competitions that have no annual periodization and require sports planning with adequate anticipation and anticipation.

For this reason, most of the subsidies – a total of 173,660,250 euros, 57.8 million per year for 2022, 2023 and 2024 – will be used to support and subsidize the sporting programs and activities of the Federations to achieve the Spanish athletes get the best possible sporting results in the most relevant competitions that exist – World and European Championships and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. These amounts are sent through a subsidy commonly referred to as ‘ordinary’.

The goal: to match or exceed the medal table won by Spain on Barcelona 92, if possible at the next Games in Paris. Spain has captured throughout history 175 Olympic medals; but if we examine the results obtained since Barcelona 92, it can be seen that our country does not move from the sports data maintained over time, and they never exceed the 22 Olympic Games medals which Spain won their best historical results.

Also, and in addition to this assistance, multi-year economic processing for the next three years includes other standard CSD subsidies, for the National Program for Sports Modernization and Sports Promotion in the amount of 6.75 million euros; 4.5 million euros for expenses on High Performance Specialized Centers and CAR de León; 1.5 million for sports facilities and equipment at High Performance Specialized Centers; and 300,000 euros to advance Spain’s presence in the international Federation.

Another of the points approved today by the Council of Ministers is the agreement that allows CSD to call for 2022 assistance for the social protection of High-Level Athletes (DAN) and support for Spanish athletes participating in international competitions in the amount of 16 million. euros.

This is an amount from the income derived from the rights to the exploitation of audiovisual content of professional football competitions, on the application of Royal Decree-Law 5/25, of April 30, which establishes that clubs and entities participating in the National League Championship in The First and Second Division will give CSD up to 1% of their revenue.

Of the 16 million budgeted, 8 million will go to cover ADO Olympic Preparation Program scholarships for 2022 (last year the Executive covered nearly 80% of the Plan); 4 million of the athletes who participated in international competitions with the aim of improving their performance at the next Olympic Games and JJPP; 1 million assistance to athletes for sporting results; and 3 million for Social Security contributions for DAN athletes.

Source: La Verdad


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