Hamilton no longer thinks Mercedes should focus on the 2023 car


Lewis Hamilton praised last week in Barcelona the important step forward he has taken Mercedes, which has finally been able to reduce the huge bounce it has experienced on the straight in previous races. Improvements made to Montmelo they worked, but he stressed that on fast corners like the third and ninth of the Catalan track, the car still bounced and the team needed to keep working. And in Monaco, a week later, the rebound returned to the car on an unmarked track. In that sense, hamilton said Mercedes still needs to be understood W13 before focusing on making the 2023 car. Lewis doesn’t think the team should consider stopping work on this car.

“Really, I didn’t think of that. I think we need to find out what is wrong with this car before we can make another car. If we start making another car we can easily make mistakes. “pointed out the British driver, who was eighth in Monaco after Fernando Alonso, did not overtake the Spaniard despite the fact that the Spaniard set a very slow pace at the start of his last career to manage the wheels.

“I think it’s about fully understanding it, something we haven’t achieved yet, and thus giving us a path where to go,” he said.

Hamilton, therefore, is clear that the star set may not yet have all the necessary conclusions and keys of this car to figure out how not to make the same mistakes in next year’s car. What was clear to him was “there are definitely a lot of things I don’t want from this car to the car next year, so I’ve included them.”

For his part, Toto Wolff, Team Principal of Mercedes, in Monaco assured that the problems indicated by the drivers were related to the rigidity of the car and not to previous aerodynamic setbacks. “I think we haven’t rebounded yet. We are hitting the ground in a different way. The car is too stiff, too low, ”he said.

Now it is necessary to see what the performance of Mercedes in the next tracks, more representative than Monaco. Next stop: Baku.

Source: La Verdad


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