This Thursday, Macron inaugurated the Olympic Village, the biggest undertaking of the Paris Games


The president of France, Emmanuel Macronwill inaugurate this Thursday the Olympic Villagethe greatest work of Games in Pariswhich barely built new infrastructure and took advantage of existing ones.

The organizers of the Games are proud because the deadlines for the delivery of this infrastructure, considered the most extensive project in Europe in recent years, according to the Elysée, have been met.

But also because worth almost 2,000 million eurosof which only a quarter came from the State treasury, increased by only 3% compared to the initial project, “a victory” during runaway inflation and rising prices of raw materials due to the war from Ukraine.

The president will visit a 52-hectare “city of the future”equivalent to 70 football fields, located in three municipalities north of Paris, in an almost abandoned industrial area where in four years 82 residential buildings, parks, tree-lined avenues and a bridge in was built over the Seine.

In addition, a large restaurant, recreational areas, gyms and other common buildings mark the daily life of medal candidates.

Designed to host 14,500 athletes between July 26 and August 11 and a few less para-athletes between August 28 and September 8, the Village will later be transformed into “an ecological city”, where 6,000 people will will live , with shops, two schools and all kinds of services.

The builders emphasize that the project cuts the pollution footprint in half and that the buildings are focused on energy efficiency thanks to the use of insulating materials and geothermal energy.

They do not hide that they have been inspired by Olympic Villages of Barcelona 1992 and London 2012in terms of the concept and legacy of the work, but they ended up more in the environmental section because since then the demands were greater.

Starting in 2025, the 3,0000 apartments that will serve as headquarters for athletes, para-athletes and their technical teams will be converted into homes for 6,000 citizens.

Source: La Verdad


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