Sainz made a positive assessment of the first day in Bahrain


Sainz made a positive assessment of the first day in Bahrain

After leaving his Ferrari SF-24 with the fourth best time in free practice in Bahrain Carlos Sainz He pointed out that the first day was “complicated” due to low temperatures and wind, which added to the car’s brake problems.

“It was a more complicated day compared to the tests with lower temperatures and stronger winds, which made it more difficult to be consistent on the track. The car in free practice, in that wind, was more difficult to drive than in the tests. We have seen some teams that seem to be very competitive, the grid is very tight so it could be a fun weekend,” said Carlos.

“Apart from that, a bit of an inconsistency problem with the brakes in FP1 and FP2, we have to check the brakes, we have a lot of problems with material and consistency and this is something that has never happened in tests.”

“But even though we had a good session, we learned everything we needed to learn and for tomorrow we will try to improve the pace of the race, which is the main point,” observed Sainz, who also pointed out that “we have to find the balance of the car, we are among the most aggressive in terms of tire use and we have to prepare a good package for the long term.

Ferrari seems to be in a good position for the race although it clarifies that: “obviously we don’t know the plan of the others, but in terms of competitiveness it seems to be more or less where we are expected. Apart from that, in I think we had a good Thursday, finishing all our program and tire tests.

“Now it’s time to analyze the data and prepare for tomorrow’s qualifying. I’m looking forward to it, it looks like it’s going to be tight!”

And he analyzes that “Mercedes looks like they will be in the fight, just as Red Bull has more speed in the long runs than the short ones, so I also hope they are strong.”

Source: La Verdad


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