Sporting beat a lowly Albacete lackluster


He Sports won this Friday (2-1) against a Albacete who played the second half with a lesser crowd and ended up locking the rojiblancos in their place, which raised protests from the fans of the Asturian team, who were happy with the three points but were angry with their team’s play.

He Albacete They came into the game better and the first few minutes were theirs, although the red-and-white goal was never in any danger, but the visiting team pressed too hard to get the ball out and the locals couldn’t find a way through. to connect with each other. others.

However, the first chance came from Sporting when Fran Villalba shot from the edge of the area and went wide.

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In the 12th minute, Hyginius He took a header from Insua over the goal line, but play continued, Gaspar Campos refocused and coteno score, lose Vaclick.

He Albacete It did not sink and the aftershock came at the foot of the Hyginiusbut his shot was blocked Christian Joel.

The score is even in the middle of the controversy. While the Asturian team and the public are complaining about the lack of Ricky in Nacho Mendezthe referee let it continue and the play ended with a shot to the delight of And Medina. There was a consultation with VARbut the goal went up on the scoreboard.

Five minutes before the break, the Albacete He was left with one less man due to the scorer’s dismissal Medina for entrance to Knoll.

In the second half and there is another player, the Sports dominated, but didn’t know what to do with the ball and the Albacete He defended himself without going through much trouble.

Ramírez moved the bench to try to improve his team’s game by bringing in a forward, Mario Gonzalezfor a midfielder, Nacho Mendez.

In the next minute, his center was allowed Knoll signed a great header, which won the action of Kailky and Gladerand the ball went like a howitzer into a corner that made it impossible to stretch the ball. Vaclick.

Answered Ruben Albes giving entry to Quiles and Marchan through Juanma and Riki and the Albacete he reacted. He moved closer to the local area, but took many risks back than Sports He tried to take advantage with quick counters, but to no avail.

As the minutes passed the Sports began to outplay an opponent with inferior numbers, but Albacete did not risk and the Asturian team got three points




2 – Sports: Christian Joel, Pascanu, Insua, Diego Sánchez, Cote (Pablo García m,76), Nacho Martín (Varane m,76), Nacho Méndez (Mario González m, 56), Hassan (Djurdjevic m, 76), Otero, Fran Villalba and Gaspar Campos (Roque Mesa m,69).

1.- Albacete:
Vaclick, Carlos Isaac, Kaiky, Djetei, Glauder, Silva, Juanma (Marchán m, 66), Medina, Riki (Quiles m, 66), Fuster (Pacheco m, 83) and Higinio (Escriche m, 39; Shashoua m, 83 )

The objectives: 1-0, m.13: Cote. 1-1, m.33: Agus Medina. 2-1, m.61: Otero.

Referee: Caparrós Hernández. He sent off Medina with a straight red card (m, 40) and showed yellow cards to Gaspar Campos (m, 20), Nacho Méndez (m, 21), Cote (m, 52) and Marchán (m, 79 ).

Incidents: played at El Molinón before 16,790 spectators

see the match sheet

Source: La Verdad


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