En-Nesyri will challenge Real and score a double within two minutes


‘Football is a state of mind,’ he said. Jorge Valdano. And Real’s emotional state is close to depression. This was shown in the first minutes of the realistic match in Seville. Total disaster. The one in Imanol They took the green with a vintage defensive empanelment, softer than ever in all action, and allowing up to four clear-cut chances in 12 minutes. Two of them ended up with goals. The first is a header in a lateral centre, with En-Nesyri as the protagonist. The second is Rosemaryhand in hand, after the criminal transfer of Sadiq and? Zubeldia was slow and soft against the Sevilla striker. Except Remiro.

En-Nesyri, the black beast

He loves playing against Real En-Nesyri. The team of Txuri Urdin was the team that scored the most goals (7), along with Rayo, but in two minutes it became nine. Double from the Moroccan, who already warned a header in the first minute. He scored the first goal, in the tenth minute, a rebound from Remiro after the second game after a corner. He remained holding hands Rosemaryenabled by the centimeter, after a poorly executed shot from Hannibal. And after two minutes he shot without an angle Remiro after winning a dispute Zubeldia and catch his back later.

The royalists tried to form and succeeded only on the left, with some successful Tierney. First with a good release of the ball that ended with a long shot at the goal of Zakharyanand then with a high header from Sadiq at the measured center of Tierney.

Source: La Verdad


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