Spanish and the Russian roulette of playing for home promotion


With thirteen days remaining until the end of the ‘regular’ Liga, ahead of the promotion play-off dispute, Espanyol return to be left in the first two places, that will automatically return the ticket to the highest category. Eibar’s 0-2 against Leganés, combined with the Parakeets’ disappointing 0-0 against Huesca on Saturday, was enough to send the armeros back to the second step of the table.

Just one day out of direct promotion

In these first 29 rounds, the blue and white eleven were only nine times in the top two, another 19 in the play off zone and only one, the first after a draw (1-1) with Albacete in the opening round, outside. the first six positions. In the last 17 days, in only one did he occupy a direct promotion position.

And if we look at the rest of the calendar, the choices of Luis Miguel Ramis to make sure that they will return to the First Division they went through the matches that they are waiting at home. Despite the disappointment of Saturday’s 0-0 draw against Huesca at the Stage Front Stadium, Espanyol This is the best local team in the category, with 32 points added in 15 games played on their home field.

Assuming this trend is maintained for the rest of the championship, the difference must be made at home. And that’s the danger, because far from home Spanish is the seventh team in the table, with 16 points, surpassed by Leganés and Eibar (21), Huesca (19) and Elche, Racing Ferrol and Cartagena (18). And they are level, with 16 points away from home, with Sporting, Levante and Zaragoza.

The calendar, away from home, is complicated

And the parakeet’s travel schedule is complicated. From the current low zone (from the middle of the table down), it’s time to visit Alcorcón next weekend, Zaragoza the next and Amorebieta on the penultimate matchday.

And the other four displacements are against rivals from mid-table upwards: Burgos (matchday 33), Leganés (matchday 35), Elche (matchday 37) and Valladolid (matchday 39). All, in four consecutive trips, that is a real ‘Tourmalet’ who could dictate a sentence of Spain this season. From a team that, away from home, where it is likely to play its chances, significantly lowers its performance. It’s time to improve because otherwise the promotion will be played at Russian roulette.

Source: La Verdad


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