The Prosecutor’s Office is asking for another six years in prison for the president of Las Palmas


The Prosecutor’s Office requested six more years in prison for the president of the Las Palmas Sports Union, Miguel Angel Ramirez, for alleged Social Security fraud committed by two private security companies he believed he controlled through people he trusted.

In particular, the Economic Crimes prosecutor of the Las Palmas Court, Evangelina Ríos, maintains that Miguel Ángel Ramírez refrain from paying workers’ contributions of the companies Sinergias de Vigilancia y Seguridad and Novo Segur Seguridad Privada (formerly known as Mar seguir) for a total amount of 791,572 euros, as reported in an indictment presented this Tuesday by the newspaper Canarias 7 and to which EFE has access.

The Public Ministry describes in its accusation a series of practices that can contribute to the receipt of Social Security Synergies and Novo Segur less contribution than they deserve, moreover the “imposition” on their employees stands out lower salary to those stipulated by the “applicable regulations” (the agreements of the private security sector).

Ramírez is waiting for the Las Palmas Court to issue a decision on a similar case, where a alleged millionaire fraud against Social Security in the contributions that the company Seguridad Integral Canaria has to pay for its employees, a case in which the prosecutor Ríos requested 21 years in prison for him.

The case investigated by the Court of Instruction number 8 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Sinergias and Novo Segur has some similarities with Seguridad Integral Canaria, but it is not mentioned as a fraud mechanism. payment of overtime such as allowance, but underpricing is directly due to “imposing” on employees more unfavorable salary conditions.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, in Sinergias and Novo Segur the damage to Social Security was caused paying below agreements, “ceasing the inclusion” of certain payroll items or reducing their value.

The public prosecution emphasized in its statement of charges that these are two companies “led by Mr. Miguel Ángel Ramírez Alonso, who he not only sponsored their constitutionwhich provides the necessary capital for it, but formally places people from his closest environment as their partners and managers.

And he connected this case with Seguridad Integral Canaria, because he ensures that this company “transferred important clients” when he was embroiled in several disputes with the Treasury and Social Security and “just recently” filed for bankruptcy.

As collaborators of Ramírez in this alleged fraud, the Prosecutor’s Office cited five people: Alicia PS, Jacobo LP, Antonio RA, Jesús Miguel AS and Gladys Jesús AG, whom it also accuses of a crime against Social Security and to whom it demands sanctions. years in prison (six, in the case of Alicia PS).

There is a seventh defendant in the case, Marta Rosa HM, who died in recent days.

Source: La Verdad


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