A disappointing omen for the Champions League


That’s all we’ve got. Real only has LaLiga left. The challenge against Paris Saint Germain was too much for this txuri urdin squad of February and March, but doubt remains as to what will happen in this tie with Real in October and November, the one that dazzled in the Champions League, and the questionable PSG at the time. Even in French Mbappe and Real, to Andre Silva and Sadiq Umarthose nine who don’t play anymore because of their insanely ineffective offense.

The Txuri Urdin squad competed in spectacular fashion for 57 of the 180 minutes of the tie against PSG, the first at the Parc des Princes, until the hara-kiri made two defensive errors. Mbappe, with two fine goals at the start of each half, last night destroyed the long-range options Real had after going 2-0 down in the second leg. This is the fate of this club, which this season has reached the sky, its peak: the round of 16 of the Champions League. It is almost impossible to cross this threshold, which is already stratospheric; against state clubs like yesterday or those that multiply their budget tenfold. But against those he fought in the fall. Not last night.

Yesterday Real was stuck in 2024 where they are paying for the extra greatness and brilliance of the second half of 2023. A tired team without energy or purpose, shortcomings that led them to have no style or football. In the tie resolved and Mbappe (he might have gone to Madrid half a year ago) now relaxed and full, txuri urdin had a burst of pride and courage and went up, riding the young force of Barrene and Turrientes. At least he scored Merino and Anoeta recorded its best entry in history. But it is well said that Imanol has made changes thinking about Saturday and the game against Granada and that Sadiq Umarthe most expensive signing in history, won’t play a minute.

It’s as good as it lasts

It is difficult and painful, especially when you see that these were some completely avoidable mistakes, by small ones, that prevented them from maintaining any chance of placing themselves among the eight best teams in Europe in the first leg .

But this time, perhaps unlike the two previous occasions, especially the last one 10 years ago, ‘it was nice while it lasted’ can be sung. Moreover, it is beautiful, exciting and amazing at times. La Real closed the group stage in the happy condition of being in the group of 32 having scored the fewest goals and kept the most clean sheets.

La Real bid farewell to a Champions League where they were first in the group against European champions such as Inter Milan, where they gave a shock to Anoeta with the unfair award of a point, or to Benfica, where they sing a fado in the face in both Lisbon and Donostia. It’s not just about winning and finishing as the leader, but the way of doing it, suppressing the rivals, drowning them in their field, threatening them with the ball and hitting the right moments to win. In the first four games, Real won three and scored only two goals. First it hits and then in the last two duels, with two goalless draws against Salzburg and Milan, it maintains the cruising speed and defensive solidity to maintain what they have, first place.

Photo and money

Yes, La Real is leaving Europe, but it is not doing so without leaving a mark, on others and on its coffers. This is the team that has acquired the most youth players, including its coach, who is almost known by the entire continent. Moreover, this participation, together with the ‘market pool’, left around 45 million euros in the coffers. A catch. About a third will end up in players’ pockets in the form of a bonus. How not to be happy. Yes, summer is not for the faint of heart with the ever-present threat of some star leaving. And it will happen sooner or later. But if you renew Merino, as expected, no one leaves either for free or on sale. This is necessary to kill the specter of the end of the cycle.

Yes, Real is history in this edition of the Champions League and, barring an almost impossible victory today, they will not play in the next edition. Members and fans, who enjoyed the beautiful and exciting competition, now pray that they don’t have to spend another 10 years.

Source: La Verdad


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