Tuchel admits: ”I was injured in the motivational speech”


Tuchel’s Bayern Munich managed to overcome a 1-0 deficit in the first leg and restore the tie (3-0), with a double from Kane and a goal from Muller.

It was Tuchel’s first quiet night in sports in recent weeks, where he virtually said goodbye to the Bundesliga. However, the technician, who was seen limping a bit in the technical area, confessed the reason for his lameness: ”I kicked a box in the locker room during a motivational speech and injured my big toe. I can’t seem to take my shoes off. The team wondered why I sat for almost 90 minutes.‘.

It happened that in 2020, when Thomas Tuchel was the coach of PSG, he had a leg mishap and ended up limping and on crutches. Today, Bayern fans, who despite the victory against Lazio, know that their moment in football is not the best, take advantage of this case to predict that they can repeat the victory.

”Clubs that reach the quarterfinals dream of winning”

The German coach also showed his satisfaction with the success and performance of his players.. ”Our expectations are high, we want to go to the quarterfinals. The first goal is to score goals and tonight we didn’t lose our heads, we were always focused. Minute by minute we found space better and better, the goal came at the right time and we deserved the victory. Tonight we celebrate, we enjoy the night. “So the clubs that reach the quarterfinals dream of winning.”

Source: La Verdad


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