Leipzig’s relegation comes with an extra penalty and a non-Real Madrid beneficiary


He Leipzigalthough he deserved better luck, was eliminated from the Champions League this Wednesday in Santiago Bernabeu he is new real Madrid and the fact of not being able to defeat the white team has an additional penalty for the energetic team: not fighting the 2025 Club World Cup.

By not winning, the Leipzig was left with no options to seize one of the two German areas from Borussia Dortmundwhich therefore confirms his classification for the aforementioned 2025 Club World Cup without even playing the second leg of the round of 16 of this Champions League. The ‘Borusser’ team will receive next Wednesday the PSV with the aim of proving their place in the quarterfinals after drawing (1-1) in Eindhoven, but even if they lose the said match they will still qualify for Club World Cup 2025.

There are a total of two teams that are getting tickets for the said competition from the Bundesliga and their names are already known after the Leipzig has been removed from this Champions League. He Bayern Munich He has earned his place and Dortmund certified his not playing since Leipzig He couldn’t score enough points to eliminate it.

Regarding LaLiga, there will also be two teams that will take the place for the aforementioned 2025 Club World Cup. He real Madrid You have insured yours and one is at stake Barça and the Atlético de Madrid depending on what happens in the rest of the Champions League. Right now the mattress team has a 6-point advantage over the culé team.

Source: La Verdad


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