Is the Verstappen and Red Bull speculation over? Horner came out to give explanations


Max Verstappen, his father Jos and Christian Horner. Three names that dominated the news of Formula 1 in between Bahrain GP and Saudi Arabia GP. After the race of SakhirJos Verstappen, Max’s father, said that as long as Horner remains in charge of the team, red bull is in danger of disappearing. This led to many rumors suggesting that Max might leave the team and go to Mercedes in 2025.

Obviously, with the Red Bull boss present at the FIA ​​press conference, the focus is clearly where it’s at. So the Milton Keynes boss explained everything and I didn’t dodge questions.

“Obviously I’m aware of the comments that were made. There was a discussion after the race, and I think everyone was focused on the future. The focus of the team is defending the two titles we fought so hard to achieve, three consecutive world championships for Max, 55 wins he achieved, 114 wins we achieved as a team, and we now is tied with Williams’ count. of achievements. Therefore, our focus is very much on the future. And, as I said, discussions took place after the race in Bahrain, and we all hope,” he explained.

The Briton did not elaborate on the discussions that took place as he maintains it is a matter that should remain between team members. On the other hand, he confirmed that he spoke to Jos Verstappen after his explosive remarks in Bahrain where he demanded his head.

I talked to Jos after the GP. Obviously I congratulated him on his son’s performance, and I think it’s in everyone’s interest, collectively, that We agreed to move forward, focus on the future. “And we both have an interest in your son getting the best and giving him the best cars.”

He doesn’t doubt Max’s continuation

Regarding Mercedes’ hypothetical interest in Max Verstappen and a possible departure, Horner also did not hesitate in his answers. It is clear that the Dutchman will fulfill the contract with them and will not pack his bags

We have achieved a lot together and have an agreement until 2028. From the team’s side and from Max’s side, we are determined to build on the success we have already achieved. “We are determined to continue trying to add more achievements in the future,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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