Box Confidential: The one coming soon!


The one that will come to us!

The MotoGP planet is now in tachycardia waiting for the first round of the 2024 season. We all want to see how true what we saw in the preseason. That is, if the adaptation phase of Marc Márquez will take the time he announced, and if the wonder of Pedro Acosta will not be as long as the ‘serious’ thing begins. They are the two unknowns floating in the air, because no one doubts the competitiveness of Jorge Martín, like that of Aleix Espargaró. But the cotton test was no longer clouded by unexpected rain in the Qatari desert. Even the best screenwriter in Hollywood couldn’t have done it better. In the first session of the day, the final order was Martín, Espargaró, Acosta and Márquez… Yes, it’s true that it’s just the beginning, but let’s see if there’s someone with the ability to say ‘we have something to wait for’. No way, I thought after three decades in the World Cup it was time to put up some sails… Ha! I wouldn’t miss Jerez 2024 for the world.

Marquez and Acosta stir the hornet’s nest.

Yes, I am talking about Marc and Pedro again but they are both responsible for a very good thing: the great return of the Spanish media to the championship. In recent times, the former presence of national newspapers, radio and digital press has been like a burning candle, until finally we are left with two cats. But the interest and expectations generated by seeing Márquez in action for the first time on his Ducati and the debut of the ‘Golden boy’ Acosta in MotoGP, filled the Qatar press room with the Spanish media. With the Olympics and the Euro Cup on the calendar, this is an effort that is certainly not expected in budgets, so ‘chapeau’. Well, well, MotoGP has regained its pulse, and I like that.

Figo, Miguel Oliveira’s neighbor above.

A question thrown in the air ended up revealing a strange anecdote to say the least: the relationship between Luis Figo and Miguel Oliveira. And despite the generational difference, both have a common past. “Luis and my mother are really good friends. Luis was my mother’s downstairs neighbor and the first club he played in was the one behind the apartments they lived in. They both grew up in the same place. Luis asked my mom to hide his soccer pants and boots because his parents didn’t want him to play because they didn’t do their homework. And then, when Luis came down the street to a game, he would stop at my mom’s house, get his clothes, dress up and play. Luis’ parents are still very close to the neighborhood where he has lived all his life and that is where they come to our clinic. A few years ago Luis called my cousin on a business trip he took to Lisbon. They saw each other; “I’m at a race and I can’t go.”

Source: La Verdad


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