1-0: Alzira beat Cerdanyola in extra time





Alzira: Vincent Dolz (3); Mángel (3), Robert Costa (2), Solbes (3), Marcos Bravo (2) (Nacho Vila, 2, min. 68); Side (4), Laurel (2) (Koke, 1, min. 83); Dylan (2), Joaquín (3), Tòfol (2) (Palacín, 2, min. 75) and Busquets (4) (Gio, 3, min. 68).

Cerdanyola: Álex Sánchez (2); Lorente (2) (Moha Ezzarfani, 1, min. 91), Jon Vega (2) (Manel Martínez, 1, min. 93), Torres (2), Castillo (2), Recio (2); Adam Cherradi (2), Niko Kata (2); Carlos Martínez (2), Max Marcet (2) (Olmedo, 1, min. 81) and Boris Garrós (2) (Ronald, 1, min. 91).

Purpose: 1-0, Edge (min. 91).

Played at Luis Suñer Picó in front of around 400 spectators.

Martín Hernández (3), advised the local Mángel, as well as the visitor Álex Sánchez.

see the match sheet

Emergency match for both teams who desperately need three points. Alzira to get out of the playout and Cerdanyola as this would allow them to get out of direct relegation.

The match started with a clear dominance of the riverside team that completely contained Cerdanyola in its field. Two minutes later, Busquets headed high. In the 9th minute, Lado served a lateral foul that the goalkeeper denied with his fists and three minutes later he again stopped a slanted shot by Mángel. The Blaugranas eased the pressure and Cerdanyola began to stretch and Boris had a header that he sent wide in the 26th minute.

In the second half, the Barça team dominated more and after six minutes they claimed a penalty from Busquets. Then, Solbes provided a momentary joy by scoring but offside. The best chance was a whiplash pass from Gio that was superbly cleared by Álex Sánchez. In the end, the goal came in extra time when Lado hooked the ball on the front line.

Torrent remains ten and its rival is back

Badalona F.



Badalona F.: Ortega (1); Pedraza (1), Recasens (1), Genar (1), Vargas (1); Jaime Barrero (1) (Segura, 1, min. 81), Isaiah (1) (Albert Torras, 1, min. 69), Jaume Pascual (1) (Chema Moreno, 1, min. 46); Víctor Valverde (1), Peque Polo (1) (Espínola, 1, min. 88) and Zourdine (1) (Juan Cámara, 1, min. 46).

torrent: Pol Ballesté (2); Diego Martínez (2), Kaiser (2), Ivi (2), Carpin (2); Adri Perez (2); Raúl Ruiz (2), Quim Araujo (2) (Climent, 2, min. 69), Adrián Lois (2) (Salah, 1, min. 81), Christian Albert (2) (Mati Chavarría, 1, min. 69 ) (Beltrán, 1, min. 81); Zarzo (2) (Jorge Ruiz, 1, min. 72).

The objectives: 0-1, Christian Albert (min. 25); 1-1, Peque Polo, pen. (min. 63); 2-1, Chema Moreno (min. 71); 3-1, Marc Vargas (min. 77).

Ramírez Marco (2). TA: JBarrero; Adri P., Pol Ballesté, Kaiser (2, min. 62), Araujo and Christian Albert.

see the match sheet

Badalona F. remains on top after beating a Torrent who played ten from the 62nd minute.

Although the local team came out a little more aggressive, the Valencians took the lead before half-time thanks to a move by Christian Albert. Just before the break, Jaime Barrero was unable to equalize when his free kick hit the crossbar.

On the restart, it went wrong for the orange team. After several failed attempts by the locals, Torrent was left with ten when Kaiser received his second yellow card for a foul on Valverde in the area. The penalty was converted by Peque Polo. With numerical superiority, Badalona F. did not forgive. Chema Moreno, with a great goal, broke the tie. El Torrent, who believed until the end, surprised Ortega by deflecting it into a corner, but Vargas immediately reigned.

Hercules slips up and is unable to defeat La Nucía

La Nucia



La Nucia: Rodri Gea (2); Monterde (2) (Jaume Galiana, 2, min. 63), Álex Salto (3), Pajarero (3), Miguel Acosta (2) (Mario Robles, 2, min. 75); Cris Martínez (2) (Jorge Valín, 2, min. 60), Dasquet (2), Adrián León (2), Eneko Delgado (2) (Kiko Caler, 1, min. 75); Mariano Sanz (1) (Borja, 1, min. 75) and Juan Delgado (1).

Hercules: Carlos Abad (1); Samu Vázquez (2), Juanmi García (1), Josema Gómez (1), Candelas (1); Mangada (1), Roger (2), Miguel Mari (1) (Richie, 1, min. 77); Nico Espinosa (1) (Coscia, 1, min. 69), Marcos Mendes (1) (Alvarito, 1, min. 69) and Javi Moreno (1) (Ryan Nola, 1, min. 84).

Incidents: Camilo Cano. 2,000 spectators.

Referee: González Rodríguez (2). He advised local Álex Salto and visitors Roger and Josema Gómez (2, min. 83).

see the match sheet

Hércules did not overcome the tie in the field of the lowest player, La Nucía, in a duel in which the Herculeans carried the weight of the match for many minutes, but the clearest chance was given by the red-and-black squad in the 3rd minute in the whiplash to the visiting team of Cris Martínez.

Source: La Verdad


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