0-1: Vic beats Guineueta to the minimum


Guinea-Vic 0-1

Ten minutes into the match, some clear hands in the Guineueta defense led to a penalty and the only goal of the match. The maximum penalty was converted by Max Morell. Vic, from then on, defended tooth and nail a result that helped them further consolidate their positions in the promotion. Nou Barris’ team insisted until the end with purposeful football, but they were unsuccessful in front of goal.

Guinea: Raúl; Ayllón, Stelios, Llubera (Hagi, 87′), Cristian Gómez (Romero, 7′); Álex Sánchez, Aldana, Javito (Plans, 81′); Jiménez, Anouar, Marco (Pompido, 69′)

Vic: Agustí; David Busquets, Gil Bertrana, Marc Hospital, Ot; Martí Riera (Marc Grifell, 74′), Casadevall, Roger Cunill; Armengou (Marc Colomer, 78′), Max Morell (Ignasi Quer, 69′), Flavio André (Biel Rodríguez, 87′).

Purpose: 0-1, Max Morell, pen. (14′)

Happenings: CEM la Guineueta. About 200 spectators

Referee: Jareño Gil, bad. TA: Cabrera, Anouar; Marc Hospital, Casadevall, Ot, Gil Bertrana

Valls-Can Vidalet 3-0

Valls won comfortably against a tough, but ill-advised, Can Vidalet. In the first period, the local team controlled the match with ball control and made good positional attacks. Despite the forced arrival, both goals came from defensive errors on the part of the scapula. As a result of a poor delivery of the ball, came the first local goal, that of Sergi Folch. The striker crosses. Valls increased the lead moments later with a transition which, with the same star as the scorer, Folch, ended with a whiplash. After the restart, the tables turned and Can Vidalet scored the match. Between attack and attack, there was a lack of accuracy in the final meters, as well as success in front of goal. To an extent they didn’t receive a penalty thanks to Míchel, who hit the post. In extra time, Sergi Vega shot across the field to seal the match.

Waltz: Arnau Miró, Alberto Rabassó (Dídac Becerra, 46′) (Sergi Gómez, 52′), Sergi Palau, Pol Fernández, Gerard Batista, Riki de Antonio Ramon Nicolau (Sergi Vega, 87′); Marc Soldevila (Albert Plana, 70′), Sergi Folch (Marc Rodríguez, 76′), Joel Coch.

Can you Vidalet?: Ivan Casado; Adri Guillén, Alan, Castillo (Pau Escobar, 46′) (Gerard Campaña, 85′), Marc Anguera (Víctor, 76′); Pol Reñé (Iván Blanco, 85′), Carles Güell; Raúl Capi, Cris Owono, Aidan García; Marc Bru.

The objectives: 1-0, Sergi Folch (8′); 2-0, Sergi Folch (28′); 3-0, Sergi Vega (92′)

Referee: Cols Rafols, regular. TA: Alberto Rabassó, Gerard Batista, Arnau Miró, Sergi Palau; Alan, Castillo, Victor

Palamós-Horta 2-0

Palamós beat Horta by two goals to zero. A victory, the second of the season at home, allowing Salamero’s team to leave the relegation zone after five days, and face the final days of the championship with some optimism. The first half was one of alternating dominance, with plenty of play in the middle of the field, but almost no chances on the part of either team. As a result, the break is tied to zero. At the start of the second half, Kevin, one of Palamós’ winter transfer signings, managed to beat Horta’s goalkeeper, Aleix, with a powerful shot. The visitors dominated and controlled the ball for many periods of the second half but did not pose any danger in front of Marwane’s goal. With three minutes remaining, and with the Barcelona team focused on the Palamós field, Izan took advantage of a long pass to start alone from the center of the field, dribble past the goalkeeper and score the second goal for in the Costa team at will. Brava managed to prove the second victory of the course at home.

Palamós: Marwane; Andrei Lungu, Gerard Davesa, Marc Faja, Kevin Vilavella (Izan Grande, 66′); Albert Garriga (Jallow, 66′), Guillem Falgueras, Álex Ortega; Gerard Mercader (Raúl Gómez, 83′), Xevi Germán (Nil Arumí, 74′), Adri Antequera (Genís, 54′)

Horta: Aleix Ruiz; Víctor Aregall (Bruno Villagrasa, 84′), Guillem Josa (Víctor Fabián, 84′), Gerard Clarà (Otman El Cabriti, 67′), Kevin Sánchez; David Nogales, Rubén Cifuentes (Íker Vaquera, 55′), Álex Rodríguez; Joan Vives (Vilajosana, 55′), Ricky Vidal, Joan Gibert

The objectives: 1-0, Kevin Vilavella (48′); 2-0, Izan Grande (87′)

Referee: Moreno Martínez, regular. TA: Andrei Lungu, Jallow; Walnuts

Sabadell B-Figueres 0-0

Absolute equality between Sabadell B and Figueres in the first forty-five minutes. Dominance in the first act varied between both teams and there were stretches of superiority for both teams. Arrivals are timid approaches without any clairvoyance. No obvious danger has developed. After going through the locker room, the match opened up a bit and the escapulated team stepped forward and showed themselves to be better than Figueres. The locals, however, despite the clear opportunities they had, faced a strong defense and, above all, a wall called Quintanas, which was decided in two clear stops.

Sabadell B: Victor Lopez; Javi López (Roma, 67′), Íker Hernández, Alejando Suárez (Pol Castell, 71′), Pau Fernández; Hugo García (Arnau Abella, 84′), Albert Morral; Miquel Ustrell, Iván Sánchez (Iván Busta, 71′), Valter Pereira; Adrià González (José Enrique Carrasco, 67′).

Figueres: Albert Quintanas; Marc Reñé, Ayoub Jaadi, Pau Tubert; Joan Tubert, Pol Blay, Marc Bech (Pau Soler, 89′), Pep Vergara (Àlex Sánchez, 60′), Khalid (Xavi Ferrón, 81′); Moha Abouhafs, Ousman Touray

Referee: Fontova Cerda, bad. TA: Adrià González, Hugo García, Valter Pereira, Íker Hernández; Pau Tubert, Ayoub Jaadi, Pol Blay, Marc Reñé, Xavi Ferron

Sants-Atletic Lleida 1-1

Both Sants and Atlètic Lleida are looking to add to a rivalry of differing needs. However, the tables at the end of 90 minutes showed less than what happened on the Energia pitch. Borja López’s men started a bit disconnected, imprecise with their passes and lost a few balls. Albert Ruiz was one of those who had the most problems with this, but it was an open pass that ended up making the score 0-1. A ball from Ángel Fernández found its way into the area at will, before Kim capitalized on the rebounds, scoring his seventh goal of the season. After the break, the locals tried to turn the tables with the entry of Avilés and a tactical change. The formula ended up working, with a more plugged-in Sants and an Atlètic Lleida unable to answer. On the hour mark, Avilés finished a Caresia cross into the goal, establishing the tie. The final minutes were tense, especially after a game that was briefly delayed by the referee.

saints: Camacho, Prado (Montejo, 77′), Álex Ruiz, Peña, Boza; Cura, Paul, Albert Ruiz (Poyatos, 72′); Zaid (Avilés, 45′), Caresia, Pozuelo (Ramos, 83′)

Athletic Lleida: Puiggros; Villote, Daouda, Ángel, Jorge; Samba, Coca (Graells, 79′), Bosch; Youssef (Fake, 66′), Bayona (Amine, 79′), Kim (Motes, 75′)

The objectives: 0-1, Kim (22′); 1-1, Avilés (60′)

Referee: Berzosa Carballo, bad. TA: Montejo, Borja López; Jorge

Source: La Verdad


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