Nadal-Zverev: An hour and a half first set for history


An unforgettable hour and a half of the first set in the semifinals in between Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev. The thirteen -time champion was defeated, also defeated. Decided that extra he would get on his talisman track Philippe Chattier when you need to live first and make a change later.

Won 7-6 (10-8) Nadal despite not playing his best partial. More to the expectation than dominator, he paddled because he experienced the break in the beginning. He recovered it in the eighth game that stripped the German, 25 years old and world number 3, who began to suffer double faults and missed a forehand that ended with the racket flying into the air behind him.

A side of 3-0, for 5-4, gave air to Nadal, that he could next judge by three sets of balls, but Zverev responded better overwhelmed than when he had to decide. A pure matter of pressure. He held 5-5 in a game of 13’31 ”, 20 points.

This is evident in the ‘tiebreak’. The Spanish failed from the start, on the day of his 36th birthday, but back 2-6, four set points, some with Nadal’s impossible blow character. A proper cross passin in the race allowed him to make it 6-6.

Nor was a fifth or a fifth set chance enough for Nadal. The icing is gone. A ‘bananazo’, a parallel drive of maximum difficulty but deadly in its perfect execution gave Nadal a sleeve.

Those standing roar, 14,800 viewerswho had already received Rafa Nadal as a hero and they gave him a ‘happy birthday’.

With Rafa Nadal everything is possible at Roland Garros, also towards the fourteenth final. A set less inspired by tennis but representative of the global power of the king of the world and his ongoing epic flirtation. In part or in whole. A show. Also on several consecutive drops with 0-30 or punctual serve and net to gain ground on a rival punch but shy on the final thrust.

Source: La Verdad


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