Athletic have 214 tickets left for the Cup final


Athletic released a statement in which it stated that the final number of tickets to be awarded following the order resulting from the draw will be 214. The red and white club announced this news on Tuesday.

“Once the set purchase deadlines have been met, the 95 tickets not purchased by the winning members will be awarded following the order resulting from the draw. In addition, the Athletic Club will make 119 tickets that available to members who joined earlier. These are entries from the Club’s quota of commitments that have not yet been used,” explained Ibaigane’s note.

The note explains that “on Saturday, March 30, at 11:59 pm, the purchase period for the 17,848 tickets raffled off by the Club ended. When the incidents and allegations were resolved, the Royal Spanish Football Federation informed ( RFEF) at the Athletic Club with a total of 95 tickets remained unsold. To these tickets, another 119 tickets unused by the Athletic Club must be added from the quota reserved for pledges. Therefore, there are a total of 214 tickets to be awarded following the order resulting from the draw for Club members”.

The Ibaigane entity itself reminds that these tickets “will be distributed following the order resulting from the draw of the following members to the member assigned the last ticket, leaving the remaining tickets that have not been finally withdrawn at the disposal of the Club.”

The same criteria, they pointed out from Ibaigane, “was applied to the 15 tickets that were not sold out of the 300 that were raffled among the registered supporters of Club Athletic.”

Source: La Verdad


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