Isak cools the illusion for an extra for Real


Alexander IsaacFor now, he does not want to hear about a possible move to another Premier League team next summer, which would bring a new financial injection for Real Sociedad. The Swedish footballer, after scoring his 19th goal of the season, answered the question of whether he would continue wearing the Magpies shirt: “Yes, of course I want to be here in the future.”

In the statements collected by Mark Douglas For ‘Inews’, the former realist adds: “I came here for the project, I love playing here, I really feel at home. I want to end this season in a good way for me and the team. “I want to play here.”

All this is due to the interest, indicated by the English press, of Arsenal and Tottenham – and certainly many other powerful clubs in Europe that do not have so many resources – in acquiring his services and paying a sum close to 100 million pounds , which is 117 million euros. If this happens, Real will pocket more than 4.5 million euros, because, in their contract to transfer the player to Newcastle, the income of 10% of the capital gain is included in the case of a future transfer. And La Real made sure to receive between 70 and 75 million for him, between the fixed and the variables.

Very focused on playing

He was never a supporter Isaac to answer these types of questions. Nor was it when he scored goals for Real and began to know that English clubs were fighting for him: “I don’t want to entertain myself with these kinds of questions and rumours,” he told the journalist. “This is not my position. I love playing.” “We have important games, I don’t have the focus there (on my future) and I just want to do good for the team.”

The Newcastle coach, Eddie Howe, declares that he does not want to move him either, that players like him are the ones who can allow Newcastle to make the leap to the greatest, but perhaps the club from the north of England has no choice but to do so to comply on fair financial play. Nobody wants the former Real player to leave because, among other things, he scores more often (0.85 goals per game) than Erling Haaland (0.80) or Mo Salah (0.75).

Source: La Verdad


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