“A former teammate on the PGA Tour didn’t even look me in the face when I greeted him”


Jon Rahm He claimed at Augusta that a former PGA Tour teammate “didn’t even look at me” on his return to the Masters after his LIV defection… and the 2023 champion opened up about the cold reception at National Augusta.

Rahm explains that the people he’s friends with don’t look him in the eye with Augusta. But he said it was to be expected after he left the PGA Tour for LIV Golf this winter.

The 2023 champion turned his back on LIV Golf in December and played Augusta National for the first time since then this week. He got a mixed reception from his former circuit mates including at least one who didn’t even recognize him.

Asked if he got a warm reception, Rahm said: “Some did. I expected it. And then there was someone else who I expected to be a little tougher… and one of them hugged me.”

“If someone changes their opinion about me, it’s more of a problem for them than for me. I’m not worried. I know it will happen. I don’t know who,” he added.

Sergio Garcia In his time he says that he encountered several battles on his way back, asked if Jon noticed any of them, he replied: ! “Yes, in some there are… Among all the relationships I have had, it has been what I expected; my friends are still my friends… but, there are things. It doesn’t affect me or make me rack My brain. In Arizona, we have some professionals and there are some that I’ve seen… Let’s say they live up to my expectations,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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