The date of the return to the Camp Nou, decided


FC Barcelona is already planning its return to the Camp Nou, once the phase of works allowing the return of fans to the temple of Barça is completed. The works are progressing at a great pace and President Laporta has said publicly on several occasions that, except for force majeure setbacks, this year 2024 the members and followers of the Catalans will be able to go home. In this sense, as MD learned from sources worthy of all credit, there is already a date marked in red on the calendar of the Barça board of directors to reopen the Spotify Camp Nou: Sunday, December 15.

The first intention of the culé board was to make the return to the Camp Nou coincide with the date of the club’s 125th anniversary, November 29, which is a Friday. However, it was finally decided not to rush and the plan is to ask the Liga that the first league match at Camp Nou be played on the aforementioned December 15. It will be one of the last championship games before the break for the Christmas holidays. The forecast is that 60 percent of the total capacity can be occupied, which is planned at 105,000 seats. That is, about 63,000 places.

More work hours

Barça has obtained permission from the Barcelona City Council to extend the work schedule at Camp Nou. Since April 6, the work at the stadium has continued from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, while on Saturdays the hours are from 10:00 am to 12:00 am

Prices, up for debate

Exactly, a meeting of the board of directors of FC Barcelona is scheduled for next April 25 where an important issue at Camp Nou is on the table: the price of season tickets for Barça members for next two years. We must not forget that next season the Barça team will compete in Montjuïc, until the aforementioned date of December 15 when they return to the Camp Nou. We will have to see what prices are set for these tickets that entitle a seat to the Estadi Olímpic and the Spotify Camp Nou, although it has been reported since the meeting that they will increase on the way home. The question is whether the increase will be applied from now or if it will be postponed until the date when the stadium is completely finished, in 2026. We must not forget that the return to the Camp Nou is, as published by MD, without any cover to cover the seats because the third grade still needs to be finished.

Spotify Camp Nou VIP boxes are almost all approved for sale. There are 14 places priced at 8,000 each, giving a total value of 120,000 euros per season.

Source: La Verdad


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