Valverde: “I don’t want to be expelled, I’m not proud of it”


Valverde: “I don’t want to be expelled, I’m not proud of it”

Valverde had to watch the end of the game in the locker room after being sent off by Gil Manzano. This was done by the coach accompanied by Yeray and Paredes, who also had to make their way to the locker room after seeing the red. “I saw the end very calm, calmer than the field. I was with Yeray and Paredes in the locker room. We were facing the wall, punished, watching on our cellphones whether the referee removed the penalty or not,” he stated graphically.

“I can’t say anything about the referee, he saw everything clearly. I can’t say anything when I’m sent off, I’m not a saint either. I see everything in my favor. It happened and that’s it. It doesn’t lead to anything. “I don’t like being expelled and I’m not too proud of it,” he added.

Txingurri does not see a black hand because of the statement released by Athletic in response to the publication of the Technical Committee of Referees after the red and white protest of Yuri’s penalty against Villarreal. “I don’t know, I don’t think. I didn’t like that they expelled me, I protestant very vehemently, I should have done something else. “I don’t see anything beyond all this,” he admitted.

Getafe had more shots on goal than Athletic. Txingurri explained it like this: “In this aspect, we have to draw a line, when Yeray was expelled from us and then. Since that expulsion we have shot less. The first half was even, but we got them well. In the second we were better. The game was where we wanted it, but the spark was the first dismissal with a very clear error and the second with another very clear error. We have to defend, of course, the arrivals are piling up.”

Unai Simón played a great game saving his team with very clear chances for Getafe, including a penalty taken by Greenwodd. The technician recognized it. “We have a good goalkeeper, ours is very good and the one we have on the bench is also very good.”

His team moved to within three points of fourth place with Atlético’s lackluster action in Mallorca today. The Gasteiz native is not thinking about the defeat suffered at the Metropolitano the previous day. “In football there are many reasons to spend the whole day beating yourself up. What are you going to do, I don’t think about what we did the other day. Today we won with nine, we have to let go, we will enjoy it success,” he stated.

The problem will come in the next game. He will not be able to count on Yeray and Paredes, two of the three center backs of the first team: “We will have to think of some solution, these are situations that can arise. “Rarely have both centre-backs been sent off in the same game.”

Ernesto Valverde also highlighted what this victory means for the team. “It’s very important to win again. Getafe will be a difficult opponent, they argue with everything, here no one comes and plays calmly, you have to fight a lot. “It’s like this, especially at the end, we give great importance to win again after a while,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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