Girona sold 6,000 tickets on the first day


The city and surroundings of Girona are committed to the team and the desire to climb into the First Division and have fun with their team in the first leg of the ‘playoff’ final means that on the first day of sales a total of 6,000 members have already earned the his ticket for the match to be held on Saturday from 21:00 in Montilivi.

The speed of ticket sales was absolutely disturbing on the first day where members bought their passes for the first leg of the ‘playoff’ final, the third in Girona’s consecutive play, but that, unlike others, will play in the first leg at Montilivi for the first time. Ticket prices range from 21 euros at Gol to 44 at the grandstand for members and from 35 to 73 for non -members.

On this first day, members can only buy one ticket with their card, while from tomorrow and through Thursday they will be able to buy three more for each card, so it’s likely that the entire line-up at Montilivi will be quickly reachable, with a capacity of approximately 11,200 spectators. If tickets are still available, non -subscribers can purchase them from Thursday.

Controversy over tickets for the visiting sector

The same hope that boosted ticket sales for Girona fans was raised for the people of Tenerife, who will have only 300 tickets in the visiting sector, something that has bothered the Canary Islands. However, some Girona fans criticized through their social networks that they received messages from Tenerife fans asking them to resell them. As a result, Girona took steps and increased inspection.

Source: La Verdad


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