Ranieri retired from the bench after his latest feat


Thursday’s match against Fiorentina is the last Claudio Ranieri in his long career on the bench after the eleventh feat he accomplished. At 72 years old, the Roma coach announced his departure from Cagliari and, according to the Italian newspaper, he also made the decision to retire.

Ranieri, who had already managed him in the first phase between 1998 and 1991, returned to take the reins of Cagliari in December 2022, taking him to Serie A in his first season and in the second, which was about to end, he achieved . permanence at the last day.

Although his name has been linked with Naples, who are still looking for a coach, Ranieri has preferred not to train and end his career, according to Italian media.

“Always grateful”, Cagliari wrote today on its official channels two days after Ranieri achieved the mathematical permanent in his victory over Sassuolo in a direct rivalry (0-2) and decided to retire a year before the expiration of his contract.

Cagliari’s emotional statement

“Mr. Ranieri bids farewell to Cagliari. During his two spells at the club, he was always able to lead the team to achieve its goal,” Cagliari said in a statement.

“These are tears of joy and gratitude for the man who was able to write some of the best scripts in the history of Cagliari. What he did will remain indelible in the hearts of all fans.”

Everyone asked him to continue

Fans. the players and the president Tommaso Giulini, assured on Sunday that “he can stay as long as he wants”, they asked him to continue, but Ranieri preferred to complete his legendary journey on the bench with the highest point in the incredible conquest of the Premier League with Leicester in 2016 He also won the Coppa Italia with Fiorentina in 1996 and the Copa del Rey in 1999 and the European Super Cup in 2004 with Valencia.

Ranieri’s motive

“After the promotion to Serie A, which we probably didn’t expect so early when I arrived, and this salvation that has come now, I decided the right thing: leave now.” This is what Ranieri said in a video message aimed at fans on social networks.

“Reluctantly, because it’s a difficult and painful decision. I’d rather leave like this and not for a year when things aren’t going well. I want to leave a good memory for people. I hope you remember me as a positive person. Without the fans we wouldn’t be doing it. “I’m proud of you,” Ranieri concluded.

A very long career

Born in Rome in 1951this is the long list of teams Ranieri has coached: Vigor Lamezia (1986-87), Puteolana (1987-88), Cagliari (1988-91, 2023-24), Naples (1991-93), Fiorentina (1993-97), Valencia (1997-99, 2004-05 ), Atlético Madrid (1999-2000), Chelsea (2000-2004), Parma (2007), Juventus (2007-08), Roma (2009-11, 2019), Inter Milan (2011-12), Monaco (2012- 14), Greece national team (2014), Leicester (2015-17), Nantes (2017-18), Fulham (2018-19), Sampdoris (2019-21) and Watford (2021-22).

Source: La Verdad


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