Why Pochettino left Chelsea


Why Pochettino left Chelsea

In many sectors, Tuesday’s announcement already Mauricio Pochettino leave the Chelsea. And, in many cases, when it is said that a coach leaves a club “by mutual agreement” it is a euphemism: in reality, it is a dismissal. Not so in this case. According to The Athletic portal, both parties, Pochettino and Chelseathey have a feeling that things are not working and they prefer to face the facts.

In terms of results, the season has been better than the previous one in the sense that the Chelsea will play in a Eurotournament (currently the Europa League; if Manchester United wins the FA Cup final against City, the Conference) and last year it did not. But, always according to said medium, Pochettino I was very surprised by many of the signatories Chelsea like those outside the club. It was not for nothing that the Argentine coach said “this is not my team.” No doubt he was referring to the migration policy

SA Pochettino He likes to build his teams from the back, using play patterns that establish attacking positions. The big investment of Chelsea In signing he did not build a team specifically for the Argentine coach. As The Athletic explains, there probably isn’t a high-level coach who wants his team exactly as it is. Chelsea.

Pochettino had a Cole Palmer stellar, but he often lacks teammates at his level. Of course: ‘blue’ is a young crowd with a long way to go.

Pochettinowhose Chelsea He went through periods where he didn’t play well, he didn’t quite fit in at the Stamford Bridge club. He received a lot of criticism from fans. And, even if the final stretch is good and the team will return to Europe, after studying the situation for a few days Pochettino He made it clear to the management that he wanted to leave. His decision surprised his players, most of whom learned about it through the team’s WhatsApp group. The locker room poured in messages of support for Pochettino.

Now he is Chelsea need to find a replacement Pochettino (by the way, they put it in the orbit of Manchester United and Bayern). In the Premier League, almost a quarter of teams have lost their coach this season. I liked it at Chelsea Kieran McKennabut the technician Town of Ipswich signed for him Brighton to relieve Roberto De Zerbi. Other names are those Enzo Maresca (Leicester) and Thomas Frank (Brentford).

Source: La Verdad


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