Albacete in the Euro Cup?


Albacete could be present at the Euro Cup which starts in less than a month in Germany as the starting signal will be given on June 14. It is possible that ‘Alba’ fans have a favorite team in the top European competition, the Czech Republic.

Why will La Mancha fans follow the Czech Republic this summer? Because of the ‘sin’ of his goalkeeper, Tomas Vaclikthe veteran Czech goalkeeper of ‘Alba’ has many options to be called up to play in the Euro Cup, barring a last-minute surprise and pending the official Czech team list.

There is no official confirmation, but for now the official account on the Czech Republic team ‘X’ shows in its header the picture of Vaclik with two of his Czech colleagues, two of the team’s stars: Tomas Soucek, West Ham captain and player and Patrick Schick, Bayer Leverkusen striker.

This could be a ‘message’ from the Czech team to the Albacete goalkeeper, hoping to count on him in the upcoming European Championship.

Vaclik has done his homework and claims to be able to play a leading role in Europe’s top national team competition. He arrived in Albacete on February 13 and became an integral part of the La Mancha team to ensure his permanence with solvency and no last-minute difficulties. Since it landed in Albacete The Czech took the goal, so far adding up to 1,080 minutes in 12 games played.

Vaclik, former Sevilla goalkeeper who arrived in Albacete After failing in his venture in the Major Soccer League (he did not have a team after leaving the New England Revolution), he gained enough merit to be called up for the Euro Cup. And in Albacete, if the Czech’s presence is confirmed, he will have a favorite team to follow and cheer on in the tournament which will capture all the attention of football fans this summer.

Source: La Verdad


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