Endrick, to save Brazil


Brazil looked impressive in opening a 0-2 lead this Saturday, but Mexico scared of equalizing 2-2 in the preparation match for the Copa América without knowing that Endrick He would appear in ’96 to seal a 2-3 victory in Texas. Andreas Pereira and Gabriel Martinelli seemed to put an end to a quiet night for Dorival Júnior with their goals in the 5th and 54th minutes.

But Colombian Julián Quiñones in the 73rd minute and Guillermo Martínez in the 92nd appeared to be the executioners of a Brazil looking to regain the aspect of football it lost in the South American World Cup qualifiers. Mexico then seemed to give a clean record after the defeat suffered on Wednesday, when they lost 0-4 to Uruguay.

In the first minute, Brazil threatened Pereira, who shot wide. In the fifth, the Fulham player received a pass from Savinho and made it 0-1. Mexico were organized and controlled the ball, although it was difficult for them to get beyond three quarters of the field.

In the second half, the Brazilians bet on the counterattack and with one of Martinelli’s scores in the 54th minute, the Mexican fans chanted homophobic chants in which they allowed their Federation and for this reason , in the 59th minute, was the cry. the referee stopped the game.

At the restart, coach Jaime Lozano made changes and in the 73rd minute he reaped the rewards: Alexis Vega, who entered the field 11 minutes before, appeared on the right wing and helped Quiñones. Dorival Junior sent Vinicius Jr and Bruno Guimaraes on the field in the 74th minute. The Mexicans dug in, but in the 92nd minute they equalized from Martínez. Confusion in the Canarinha range.

But no one counted on the cunning of the young Endrick, the new gem acquired by Real Madrid, who appeared in the 96th minute to prove the victory with a header from the pass of Vinicius, his new partner in green and yellow, and his next in Spain.


2 – Mexico: Julio González; Edson Álvarez, Johan Vásquez, Gerardo Arteaga, Israel Reyes; Luis Romo, Luis Chávez (Alexis Vega, m.62), Carlos Rodríguez (Orbelín Pineda, m.62); Santiago Giménez (Guillermo Martínez, m.89), Julián Quiñones (César Huerta, m.89) and Uriel Antuna (Jordi Cortizo, m.79)
Coach: Jaime Lozano
3 – Brazil: Alisson Becker; Bremer, Eder Militao, Guilherme Arana, Yan Couto; Douglas Luiz (Bruno Guimaraes, m.74), Andreas Pereira (Lucas Paquetá, m.61), Ederson (Joao Gomes, m.84), Evanilson (Endrick, m.61); Gabriel Martinelli (Pepe, m.61), Savio (Vinicius Junior, m.74)
Instructor: Dorival Junior
The objectives: 0-1, Andreas Pereira (m. 5); 0-2, Gabriel Martinelli (m. 54); 1-2, Julián Quiñones (d. 73); 2-2, Guillermo Martínez (m. 93); 2-3, Endrick (m. 96)
Referee: Lukasz Szpala, from the United States. He warned Yan Couto, Gabriel Martinelli and Endrick
Incidents: Friendly match in preparation for the Copa América played in College Station, Texas, in front of 85,000 fans.

Source: La Verdad


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