"I remained in my father’s eyes"


The only Real champion to play the entire Cup was Robin Le Normand (Pabu, France, 1996). April 3 a year ago was the “most important” day of his career and he appreciates the flow of memories that shook his speech. He works well in Spanish and takes interest in his reflections. Le Normand with the MD revived a title celebrating its first anniversary tomorrow.

Who will tell him when he scored the first Cup goal in Becerril?

The first stone, the beginning of everything. Those games are also hard because for them it is their life and until you score at first there is tension. Then we put in eight.

A year ago at this time they arrived in Seville. Was there nervousness?

There was built-up tension. We have been waiting for that moment for a long time. We want it to come now. We really want to play. Our great virtue must be connected so that we cannot escape.

How do you handle the eternal wait they have to endure?

I focused on the games we played. It’s true that the final is always there, but we have to focus on the League because there are goals, like entering Europe. Then, in recent days, all the tension has built up because everyone says, this is the most important derby in history.

In the documentary about the Copa de la Reina it was seen that the players attended motivational sessions. You?

Yes Yes. We have coach Imanol Ibarrondo. Work a little on the shade, but it is very important. He helped us a lot, he gave us advice on accepting the coming, stress management … And one day before the final we met. We were seen to be very close. Everyone released what was in their hearts. It is also part of the story. Because the players just didn’t do well. The staff is also impressive, as is the psychology department.

Did you sleep well last night?

Yes, yes, calm down. I knew this was the most important game of my life, but I knew I had to do my job in the best possible way. I followed my routine. There was tension, but I like it and I prefer to be stressed, that my body knows that something important is at stake.

The game is night. Is your day long?

That happened to us. But I tried to sleep. I sleep a long time, so this is my solution.

Can you be accompanied by a family member or close person?

My father was there. I know I’m even more nervous because my parents don’t usually come to watch games. But it was a magical moment, a wonderful support. And most of all, to enjoy success with him. There were so many steps in COVID and we were only a few seconds together before playing.

Did you eat well or did your stomach close?

For me there was tension in every game and in those days I didn’t eat much, so in this aspect it was like another. Just at that level, I mean, huh?

They entered La Cartuja and the vacant stands. It must be weird.

It would have been bigger for our people. I want to have people around me because it makes me more intrusive. It was very strange: the most important battle seemed to be a training session.

When did you find out you were a starter?

As usual: in the previous discussion. Two hours before. Imanol is for everyone to concentrate and hide the lineup. He’s playing Igor Zubeldia and, even if you can imagine it, you can’t guarantee anything. When you already know that you are a starter, the tension enters and you become happier at the same time.

What gut feeling does he have? Are you confident of winning?

Before the fight, of course I was convinced we were better than them. When it started, I couldn’t remember because I didn’t have time to think about it. I’m focused on following the game, on positioning myself properly, on not venturing into clearances because that’s the day we don’t fail at this type of play.

What note would you put at the end?

Well, keeping a regular line. Without accepting goals. I’m so happy. But I remember that when it was over I no longer thought about whether my game was good or not. Let’s win, I thought.

Did you see him?

sometimes. After two or three weeks.

The final was marked by a very specific moment: the penalty. How did you experience this?

I was so far from the action, I wasn’t sure, all I saw was convincing my colleagues that it was a penalty (laughs). When there is trouble, I follow myself. I’m calm, let’s see what happens. I was thrilled when he whistled for the penalty. Please stab, I asked Oyarzabal to myself.

Was he left behind in case he missed and had a kickback?

No, no, soon (laughs). Yes, nothing too far away. It’s like an image of the game: you can’t escape.

Whole hour. Cup for the Royal. What is?

Euphoria. It’s been a year of work behind this title. A title that is very important to the city, to the fans. For us too because it was the first trophy of the crowd. I started looking for my father, I called my brothers … (Breathes). At the moment you do not realize what you have achieved. You need more time. Days, months … Insights to know how important it is. We want to live again, but we still can’t. Therefore.

Is there any moment of celebration that stays with you?

Two. Sit down to call my siblings and cry. We are united by the connection of knowing where we come from and how hard it is to be professional. And coming to the hotel and I saw my father crying. This is very exciting. I remained in his eyes. This is something priceless. I also play soccer so that my family can be proud of me. That’s why I always want to.

Did you take any souvenirs?

Everything is possible (laughs). A ball, a piece of net … And then the medal, a replica and the shirt.

The title is the highest professional aspiration and no one has given you anything for free.

I live in a great stage. Being a professional is a dream already and you can’t even imagine winning a trophy. You thought about it, but you enjoyed the trip. Then, when you get a title, you open: okay, we won one and I want to experience another. I want to win more things. I’m ambitious, but I also try to keep my feet on the ground.

Do you feel an important part of success?

Yes Of course. This is a strength of the club: it has the ability to send self -confidence to all players. I feel so good in a group like this, where everyone can contribute, even from the bench. The next day he was a starter and he was even better.

You are the clear symbol that without effort there is no glory.

Yes, but don’t let that fool people either. Not by working can you earn a title. Or you can achieve your goals. I tried not to have remorse. If I didn’t become a professional it means I’m not worth it, not the one I didn’t work for. Many times it is said that even hard work does not work and it can happen. It happened to me in Brest. I worked a lot and I didn’t get there. Then they gave me a chance at Real. I also worked and I got there.

Who is important to you in this process?

First, your own mind. Then you have to meet people: the scout who brought me (Eric Olhats), the weather managers (2016), Loren, and then there’s someone who supports me with all my might: Imanol. I do a lot, but if you don’t have a guide, sometimes you make mistakes or you have no place to look at yourself. Imanol will always remain as a key in my life. And my family, of course, that allowed me to keep cool in the most difficult moments. They give me all the energy.

It gives the feeling that there is a Gipuzkoan involved in this young Frenchman. Do you recognize this culture?

That’s clear, I fit. But it’s easy to talk now. I know a lot, really. Here people work in the shadows, without making too much noise and then they give up. I think I have these qualities.

Well, that next interview for commemorating the first anniversary of a title is about remembering how it was experienced by fans live, right?

Yes, yes (smiles). It will be very nice. Ambition is not lacking. We are a young group and everyone is demanding. Nothing is given even in training. Everything will happen to continue the humble work we always do.

Source: La Verdad


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