“Through the contract, Aldeguer will be able to ride GP24 or GP25 in MotoGP 2025. Ducati will decide. In the second year he will take the GP26 yes or yes”


“Through the contract, Aldeguer will be able to ride GP24 or GP25 in MotoGP 2025. Ducati will decide.  In the second year he will take the GP26 yes or yes”

Héctor Faubel (Lliria, 1983) is a former Motorcycle World Championship rider who raced in 125cc, 250cc, Moto3 and Moto2 for 13 seasons. Since he hung up his suit and helmet in 2013, he has continued to be linked to the world of motorcycles, since he created the FAU55 Tey Racing team and serves as a coach for the riders who are currently active.

Faubel is also the manager of Fermín Aldeguer and David Muñoz (Moto3). These days he is with the Murcian in Andorra, thoroughly preparing for the next World Cup event. “You catch me trekking with him. Fermín came first.” He joked that what for Aldeguer was a simple exercise, for him it was a good deed. However, he tells us to call him and he helps us very kindly while enjoying the mountain.

An unexpected start to the year

The one from La Ñora started this season as the main candidate for the Moto2 title. However, after the first seven Grand Prix of the season, he occupies sixth position in the general classification. He is 59 points behind the leader, Sergio García. “Fermín is very good, but it doesn’t show in the championship. During training he always rides alone and they look for him to share the wheel.. He made a mistake at Montmeló – he went down doing a long lap when he was leading – and, then, there was what happened at Mugello. The 50 points are there, we would be there,” laments Fabuel.

In Italy, Aldeguer lived a weekend to forget. “On Saturday, Fermín had a pulled muscle in his cervical spine and was in a lot of pain. We went to Dr. Charte to let us through and he told us he wasn’t going out on the track. And that, if he wants to run on Sunday, he has to go to the hospital to get tested and everything comes back negative.. The hospital is about 20 kilometers from the circuit. We went and watched ‘qualy’ from the hospital, although he was ready to go out on the track,” explained his manager.

Second overall, he was unable to take part in Q2 and on Sunday he started from 18th position on the grid. In a couple of laps he was placed in twelfth, but A touch on Jeremy Alcoba in the middle of the comeback ended the Murcian on the ground.

In 2025 he will be a MotoGP rider with Ducati Corse

After the first Grand Prix of the 2024 season, held in Qatar, Ducati Corse announced the signing of Aldeguer and in 2025 he will be a MotoGP rider. “He feels like he’s ready to step up, he’s got a lot of confidence,” Faubel said. The one from La Ñora finished the 2023 season in a sensational way, winning the last four races in a row and sparking the interest of several factories in the top category. It was rumored that he could move up to 2024 and he talked to several teams, but in the end he stayed in Moto2.

“We have signed a 2+2 contract. We have two safe years and two more conditional on goals. In my opinion, I think they are quite affordable because of how they can do it in MotoGP,” said their manager. Furthermore, Faubel admits that “By contract, in the first year he can drive a Desmosedici GP24 or a GP25. There, Ducati will decide. In the second year he will take the GP26 yes or yes”.

What Aldeguer does not yet know is which box he will be placed in and what colors he will wear: “We don’t know yet which team he will ride, but Ducati told us to be calm. They told us they chose him and we are from home”said Faubel.

With eight bikes on the grid, starting next season those from Borgo Panigale could lose two prototypes if Pramac accepts Yamaha’s proposal to become the Japanese’s satellite team. Asked about whether this fact could leave Aldeguer without a place in MotoGP, Faubel denied that “It has been published that if Ducati tells him that he will not ride a motorcycle next year, he will receive a compensation of 300,000 euros. It is not true. I cannot say the number, but it is higher.”.

For now, Aldeguer has his sights set on 2024 and his goal is none other than to become the Moto2 world champion. At the end of June, the eighth Grand Prix of the season will take place on the historic TT Assen track. Faubel has no doubts and assures that this is a circuit where “he can do very well and achieve a very positive result.”

Source: La Verdad


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