Spain face the player who learned by copying Modric


Spain face the player who learned by copying Modric

This European Cup He seems to end the history of great legends with his choice, and among them is one of the greatest: Luka Modric.

Spain He could face the Croatian star for the last time, having been canceled out by Luis de la Fuente. However, his legacy in football is more alive than ever and La Roja will be able to prove it when they face Italy next Thursday, and that Nicolò Barella learned to play soccer by copying Modric.

Born in Cagliari (February 7, 1997) to a middle-class family, he was torn between basketball, a sport his mother wanted him to play, and soccer, for which his father successfully chose. Barella He is destined to go down in the history of the Italian team and he found that out by taking his first steps in the academy of Gigi Rivathe all-time top scorer at the national level in his country.

The talent of Barella It’s one of those things that one sees at a young age. It did not escape the Cagliarithat before he was 10 years old the rough diamond Nicolò was brought into their ranks, who trained until he reached the first team, with a short loan to Como 1907 of Serie B, establishing himself at a young age.

At that time, the comparisons have Radja Nainggolan, the veteran player and star of Cagliari. A ‘box to box’ footballer, with determination, hard work and hard hitting. “It’s a great compliment, for me he is one of the three best midfielders in Serie A”and at that time he defined himself by saying “for me recovering the ball is like scoring a goal. On the field I am a person who gives everything.”

however, Barella had a dream: “Modric is a champion and I want to copy everything from him”. Only in this way can its imitation of the Croatian star be explained. What’s more, in a career that started in parallel. Like Luka in Zagreb and in Tottenham, Nicolò started as a ’10’ in Cagliariwhere he began to “think about making better moves for the team and not for myself,” something that characterizes great players.

Short-lived Inter Milan in getting him a move with an option to buy, which he ended up executing, the same summer where Stefano Sensianother good prospect from Italy, also moved to Giuseppe Meazza to create the midfield of the future for 2019. But the one from Urbino was unlucky with injuries and all the responsibility fell on Barellawhich comes from comparing with Got pregnant in a copy of Modric it is almost imperceptible.

Cagliari has not been ten for a long time. Its projection has delayed its functions and no one knows that it is one of the most beautiful interiors in the world. Not even in Pep Guardiolto or to Carlo Ancelottiand Barella was one of his unrequited loves, for it seemed difficult to bring him out of Milan, as one of the great heroes for the Neroazuri.

Against Albania It is possible to see how Nicolò achieved his goal. Almost was Luka Modric. Showing a slower game, setting his team’s tempo and playing with the self-assuredness and confidence typical of players who mark an era. He even scored with an outside shot, one of the Croatian specialties, which he also won. Yes Spain Thought he got rid of Modric, he had to face his version 2.0 in a Italy competitively moving to the sound of Barella.

Source: La Verdad


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