Mao: “Braithwaite? He still has a contract, I don’t see the need to renew it”


Mao: “Braithwaite? He still has a contract, I don’t see the need to renew it”

When the famous promotion to the First Division ends and the revolutions slow down after the final, Many fronts are opening for the Spanish pending resolution in the coming weeks, both in the chapter of reinforcements and departures and also, what the club’s largest shareholder plans to do, Chen Yansheng on the possible sale of blue and white creatures.

He CEO Mao Ye, the highest authority of Spain in Chen’s absence, went through the microphones of RAC1 this Tuesday, specifically in space ‘El món a RAC1’ directed by Jordi Basté. And he did not avoid controversial issues of interest to Espanyolism in the face of the challenge of being competitive in the First Division next year. asked by the ‘bomb’ that Braithwaite dropped after the final, speaking of the “lack of respect” on the part of the Spaniard for a renewal offer made to him a year ago, Mao was insistent.

“He went on vacation as soon as the season ended to comply with the AFE rule and we never spoke again. The lack of respect? I don’t want to understand the word literally, the Spaniard makes maximum effort with all the players within their possibilities, what we cannot do is mortgage the club. He still has a contract, I don’t see the need to renew it with a free election clause. You can leave by paying 600,000 euros before a certain date. But his contract here is very good,” he explained.

Another one of the proper names where Mao asked Joselu. According to has advanced today Mundo DeportivoIn Espanyol they don’t know anything about the fact that the current player of Madrid wants to go to Arab football and if he does, he has to come to an agreement with the parakeet club first. Mao confirmed MD’s information.

“Joselu has one year left on his contract if Madrid does not exercise the purchase option by June 30. If Qatar wants it, it will have to negotiate with the Spanish, and we have received nothing; but until June 30 there is a possibility for Madrid to exercise that option,” assured the CEO.

The continued Manolo González at the head of the team In the First Division this is another topic on the table, especially since his good work in pursuit of promotion has led to a wave of fans demanding that the Galician continue at the helm. Mao couldn’t readthat leaves all scenarios open, though Manolo continued.

Will Manolo continue? It has not been decided, but people at home are always an option. This is no chance, Fran Garagarza It has several selection criteria. There were other options on the market but that does not mean that our coach does not fit in the house, we opted for Manolo and he has achieved it. The season just ended, This is a reflection that we must do without stopping But without rushing, we want to do it right, so that the coach we choose gives us success. Not having decided yet does not have to mean that Manolo has not continued, we need to talk to him again, we have taken a break after the game,” he detailed. That’s it.

He also spoke about what would have happened if not climbed in the Primera and the news about the possible sale of the Spaniard. Mao admitted that “I suffered a lot for the game and situation, for what it means for the entity. Winning or losing that game marked our future. If it does not rise there will be economic consequences because we would have been forced to take steps we had never taken before. Despite being relegated twice in recent years, we have maintained the structure of the First Division, meeting better indicators than clubs in the top category. From the beginning, the players had to leave, and instead of excellence at the level of the club departments, we had to go for survival because the highest resource for the first team.”

And about an immediate Spanish saleMao applied the handbrake and there is no visible change in the short term. “Any SA can have a change of shareholders. Anything can happen in the future, but not now. Chen Yansheng was very upset In configuring the squad for next year, we are behind because we have already played in the playoffs. Why weren’t you at the stadium on Sunday? The number of visits has decreased since COVID, we must understand that it has other branches of business,” he reasoned. So, sorry the continued protests and criticism that took place over the stances against Chen’s rule.

“It is a shame to live this situation; in football there is an important emotional part. It comes from bad sports results, it is not against anyone. We know that we have been relegated twice, but Chen should understand He was the only person who decided to do the best possible for the Spanish, he continued to bet, he was the last person who wanted the project to go wrong. We should try to provide as much support as possible to the person who made the greatest effort in this matter,” said CEO Perico.

Source: La Verdad


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