Donnarumma became ‘Gigi’ under the watchful eye of his idol


Donnarumma became ‘Gigi’ under the watchful eye of his idol

It seems to be a whim of fate that the last two great goalkeepers of the Italian team share a name Gianluigi. Furthermore, that they happened to be this time Euro 2024 where the team achieved a euphoric pass in the round of 16 matches Croatia in the last minute of stoppage time.

Nothing more and nothing less than the defending champion is talking about, so she can never be considered dead. Not even this is a team under renovation, no big stars and the past is gone Qatar World Cup. And if something has this combination of Luciano Spalletti, is a guaranteed goalkeeper. Or, at least he is when he defends the colors of his country.

Donnarumma He becomes ‘Gigi’ when he wears the blue jersey. He raises his level and becomes almost unbeatable. He was the great hero of the 2020 Euro Cup, winning the Golden Glove after a superb role even in the penalty shootout against England and that led him to confirm the hopes placed on him. But not always like this, and at the same time Paris Saint Germain, like the previous one, has left doubts about its actions. A curious case, to say the least, because it shouldn’t be one of those that can be pressured. If Lamine Yamal’s settlement with FC Barcelona is early, Donnarumma He also joined the first team as a teenager. Milan and he quickly took ownership. And although he may look like a veteran, we are talking about a goalkeeper who is only 25 years old.

However, her transformation happens under the watchful eye of the real ‘Gigi’. Buffon was watching from the front row as Donnarumma It supports Italy. And another ‘Gigi’ asks him for advice. The Azzurri conceded just a little in the group stage of this Euro, and it was thanks to their goalkeeper. In the view of Spain He avoided a scandalous defeat and against Croatia he had two actions of merit, one of which saved a penalty, which again put him under the watchful eye of the whole world.

Buffon He is not acting as her coach. Besides, he is not on the coaching staff yet. He acts as sports director of the national team, but has a different deal with Donnarumma. He is your advisor, closer than anyone else, and your reference. It is difficult for this ‘Gigi’ to live up to his idol, but under his shelter in the national team he recovers what led him to be the best in the last Euro Cup.

“Without the own goal against Spain“, it would have been a game of 10. But even so it was a breachable bastion,” said Buffon a few days ago, recognizing the talent of Donnarumma without envy, he is given a pat on the back missing from the PSG fans, where there is always a ‘run run’ with their goalkeeper. In Italy they know that the lineage of the original ‘Gigi’ is alive and hidden in his successor. At only 25 years old, his future is already bright.

Source: La Verdad


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