“He’s a coach that Athletic fans will love”


“He will be a coach that all Athletic fans will love”. This is how Jon Uriarte presented himself late yesterday on Radio Euskadi. The Biscayan businessman, who is now 44, announced that on Wednesday he would announce his project for the rojiblanco club, but ultimately he did not.

“It’s because we had a moment of crisis on the team. We got a lot of attacks, things that hurt us on a personal level. You had to stop for a moment, talk, meditate on the subject and come back a little bit to get of momentum. All right, let’s go for everything “, he assured.

Yesterday it happened that Bielsa was the coach chosen by Arechabaleta and everyone is suggesting that Pochettino could be with Barkala. However, Uriarte prefers to proceed without giving names.

“At the level of names, who will win, there are still better things, but no one will take Stepanovic. In that sense, we are safe. I would also look at what these people have done in other clubs, the history, the way they treat people, the cost ”, he pointed out.

Source: La Verdad


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