"The World Cup motivates me"


It shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore Robin LeNormand be a full-fledged candidate to debut on the French national team: he is the only player in the League who has all the minutes played and also has high performance. “Being international excites me, it’s always on my mind”, Breton is sincere. He affirms that “I have to continue on this line” and he is no stranger to the fact that in France “there is a lot of competition for my position”. He declared that “the World Cup is a goal that motivates me, a good challenge”.

At 25 years old, The Normand He still has two seasons of contract besides this one, which is about to end. Contemplate this. “I have learned a lot about football since I left Brest. I thought of a future that they didn’t give me, “he said.” Since then, I’ve just progressed to the next game. I’m calm, happy and enjoying myself. I don’t think of anything else. “

Source: La Verdad


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