Tiafoe almost knocked the ball off the court !: the worst serve in the history of tennis


Frances Tiafoe is one of the names this Monday in the world of tennis. The American was eliminated in the first round of the Eastbourne tournament after losing to Kazakh Alexander Bublik 5-7, 7-6 (4), 6-0 in a match that left us with one of those moments to remember. In a while. time.

With 40 equals in the third game of the third set, Tiafoe will soon play his second serve with the goal of winning a point that will allow him to continue with options in a match that becomes very difficult for him.

Did he get it? Well not exactly. In fact, he made the point after sending the ball about ten meters out of the service box … to the opposite !!! in the face of the astonished gaze of his rival, and of the public, knowing that he was witnessing something (we hope) that would never be repeated.

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The American continued to free fall from that moment and will not win any game againstproving his farewell to the tournament with a dismal 6-0 in the third set.

Source: La Verdad


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