The COE buries Catalonia and Aragon’s Olympic candidacy for the 2030 Games


“A sports project that should have had a common will, as happened more than a year ago, has led to important internal political confrontations, based on lies and assumptions,” laments Alejandro Blanco.

The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) on Tuesday finally buried Spain’s candidacy for the 2030 Winter Games that Catalonia and Aragon would host together and is frustrated by the political clash between the two governments. The day after it was announced that the Olympic project would not continue, COE president Alejandro Blanco regretted that the discrepancies between the government and the government of Aragon had meant that the candidacy, which had already been submitted to the International Olympic Committee ( IOC), although it didn’t close its doors to choose “in the future” for the next Winter Games.

“In the end, this sports project, which should have had a united will, as happened more than a year ago, has led to important internal political confrontations, based on lies and assumptions,” lamented the top COE leader, after the government of the day. . previously condemned of Catalonia that “the anti-catalanism of the President of Aragon (Javier Lambán) has won, accusing the central government of “allowing all outbursts against all Catalans” and bowing to the demands of this community that is governed by the socialist leader. The Generalitat threatened on Monday with a candidacy from Catalonia alone, but since it does not have the support of the Pedro Sánchez government or the COE, in any case it will no longer be possible to aim for the organization of the Winter Games within eight years.

«It was a project based on understanding, respect and dialogue, a place to listen to society without political tensions, which aspired to integrate, unite and unite the will. It was not a project led by politics, but led by society, as I noticed during my meetings with companies and representatives of all social classes,” stressed Alejandro Blanco, recalling that “when the political representatives came in, they did not agree and there was no progress. The president of the Olympic body also recalled “the refusal of the government of Aragon to comply with the technical agreement”, which had been approved by the COE at the time.

Source: La Verdad


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