Marcos Antonio completed the medical examination


the brazilian Mark Anthony (22 years old), who landed on Monday in Rome to close his signing for Latiumthe medical examination with the entity ‘biancoceleste’ ended on Tuesday.

From Shakhtar Donetsk

When the medical exams passed, the midfielder from Shakhtar Donetsk The Ukrainian will sign his new contract with the ‘laziale’ team, which is expected to be for the next five seasons, until 2027.

Mark Anthony arrived at Fiumicino airport (Rome) from his native Brazil -where he has lived since the Ukrainian league was interrupted by the Russian invasion-, he was hired by a club employee and directly visited the facilities of what was his new sport City.

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The 22-year-old is signing for the first summer Maurizio Sarricoach a Latium who will play in the Europa League next season, and take part in a dressing room with two compatriots: the attacker Philip Anderson and the midfielder lucas leiva.

Source: La Verdad


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