Monchi admitted that even he was skeptical of the sporting project


The sports director of Seville, Ramon Rodriguez Verdejo, ‘Monchi’, He acknowledged that even he himself was skeptical of the sports project in the final stages of last season, when anxiety and nervousness took over Julen Lopetegui’s team after the first round where they still managed to become the only alternative to Real Madrid. for the league title.

At the ‘Fieles de Nervión’ event, where Sevilla honored more than 4,500 members with at least 25 years of membership, the San Fernando man assured that he understood the doubts and criticism of the fans at the end of last campaign.

“I also had doubts, until recently I had doubts whether my contribution to the club would continue to be what was needed. Obviously the doubts were immediately dispelled, because of this shield that surrounds it. is pulling hard, and it reaches deep inside you and it’s very hard not to motivate yourself by looking at it ”, says Monchi, who despite this, he warns. feels more of an illusion than ever before the adjustments to be made to the template.

“Three years ago I also came here just back from Rome and in these three years we have lived a very good moment, we have achieved another title in Europe, the seventh, we have achieved three qualifications for the Champions League , good moments, but also difficult moments, not so much fun, moments of doubt, where we doubted the Sevilla FC project ”, he stressed.

“Three years ago in the statement I gave you I asked for the confidence of all of you, the Faithful of Nervión. It was a moment of doubt, a moment where we were selling players, Sarabia, Ben Yedder, new players who came in unknown … Now it seems there are doubts as well. Because he is human. Hey, what do we get this year, something new? I would ask you the same thing I asked you that year, that you don’t doubt, don’t have any doubts, trust “, continued the Sevilla executive.

“The result will be good, trust me”

Monchi was more eager than ever. “There will be moments in the preseason, in this planning where you’ll see more gray than light, but I can tell you that the end result will be nice. But not in the first week of September, but in the first week. of July. Trust me, it will be complicated, because improving what we do is not easy. But with the illusion that there is in the board of directors, the illusion that there is in the coaching staff, the illusion that there is in the squad and the illusion that the person who speaks to you have, which I tell you sincerely, after 22 years of planning teams, This is the preseason where I have more desire and more illusion.and it won’t be

easy. That is why I ask you for trust, patience, and most of all that you do not hesitate, we will achieve again, us and you. Do not hesitate. This year, we achieved a lot of points thanks to you, Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, in difficult times when the team lacks strength, you have been the driving force. Don’t leave us, the result will be good ”, he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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