CSD recognizes Marc Tur for him "courage and commitment to equality"


CSD recognizes Marc Tur for him "courage and commitment to equality"

The Higher Sports Councilthrough its president, Jose Manuel Francorecognized this Friday the Balearic marcher Marc Tur including the Royal Order of Sports Merit for its “commitment to equality” within the framework of the ‘Equals in Sports’ strategy and LGTBI+ Pride Day.

By Resolution of June 24, 2022 of the CSD presidency, Marc Tur was recognized for “representing the struggle of men and women in favor of equality and to recognize the values ​​of sport beyond the sexual orientation of the athlete” .

“I feel very proud and very happy. I didn’t expect it. A lot of people also deserve this medal. On the one hand, my performance at the Games marked before and after. That competition reflects hard work and sacrifice so many years of dedication to athletics.It was an intense 50 km test where my body and mind took me to an extreme and some limitations I didn’t know I could have.I fought for the medal but nine seconds separated me from a bronze “, recalled Marc Tur, fourth in the Games and Olympic diploma.

“On the other hand, I have always been on the side of equality, respect and tolerance against the hatred that can be seen in this society. This time and place, but We should not forget those who fought to be where we are. I have another story within the group. I will always show all my support to get rid of these difficulties. Every grain counts, “he said.

“In many instances, we would have wanted to have personal development without stigmas, fears or prejudices because we are people first before athletes and we should not forget that,” he said.

José Manuel Franco, president of CSD, said that the awarding of this medal enables “to continue the path in favor of equality, diversity and inclusion”.

“Now the indelible motto ‘Equals in sport’ is gaining strength. We will not give up and it will guide our steps now and always. We are working so that equities are valued and inequalities- equally melted, ”Franco said, in his“ thank you ”speech. to Marc Tur.

“When you said you were gay, you contributed to receiving a message of acceptance and respect, two important things in sport and society. We appreciate your courage in expressing yourself as you are, something that seems simple but isn’t, and something that Spanish society still finds difficult to accept. Sport offers a loudspeaker that, when used properly, becomes a role model for athletes for thousands of people “, he confesses.

“Your ability to see helps to overcome fears, insecurity and certain misunderstandings. None of us should live with a mask because of the feelings that arouse in other people. No one should suffer for their sexuality. situation. I want you to be a point of support for the youth. Your visibility allows us to fight homophobia. ”

Source: La Verdad


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