Blanco denied accusations of possible transfer of public funds


The president of the EOC Alexander White has denied being involved in a possible massive transfer of public funds to the Catalan independence movement, an accusation made by ‘El Confidencial’ citing the Civil Guard. Blanco published a statement to deny the facts.

Statement from Alejandro Blanco

Given the information that came out today in a media outlet, which was considered true by other media outlets, I would like to clarify, as President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, the following:
1. During the process of conceiving and developing the 2030 Winter Olympic bid, I held a public and private meeting with
political, social, business leaders and union agents, both in Catalonia and Aragon, to expand the support base as much as possible
in the candidacy.
2. Neither the Spanish Olympic Committee nor myself has ever received or claimed any subsidy or amount for measures taken for
mentioned candidacy; On the contrary, these efforts generated expenses borne by the Spanish Olympic Committee, which are charged here
own private resources.
3. For greater prosperity, I translate below, with the permission of the author, a statement made today by the former Secretary of Sports of
Generalitat de Catalunya, Gerard Figueras: “The COE never asked the Generalitat for one euro. Not one. Neither did the Generalitat, while I was at
In front of the General Secretariat of Sport, he transferred no euros to the COE. The 400,000 euros that appear in science fiction published in this medium of communication refers to the amount that, from Generalitat, we commented that we can try to budget for 2020, in case there is
to go to the Tokyo 2020 Games to advance the candidacy, which did not happen. ”
4. Due to the false statements published, which attempt to discredit the COE and I as its president, I reserve the right to request, for the Spanish Olympic Committee and for myself, the clarifications, corrections and compensation that may be required by law. .including through the courts.

Source: La Verdad


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