Berrettini, another weight loss in Rafa Nadal’s painting because of Covid


Berrettini, another weight loss in Rafa Nadal’s painting because of Covid

Covid hits Wimbledon in the beginning. If Monday is Croatian Marin Cilic who announced his withdrawal due to a positive to the coronavirus, on Tuesday came a similar news from one of the great favorites to win the contest, the Italian. Matteo Berrettini.

The finalist of the 2021 edition and undefeated this season on the lawn after winning nine games that gave him the Stuttgart titles and Queen’s stays out of the Grand Slam.

“It broke my heart to announce that I had to leave @wimbledon because of a positive COVID-19 test result. I had flu symptoms and was separating the past few days. Even though the symptoms weren’t severe, I decided that it is important to take another test this morning to protect the health and safety of my fellow competitors and everyone else participating in the tournament.I have no words to describe the intense frustration I feel.Dream for this year, but I will be back again. strong, “he announced on instagram.

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Both Cilic and Berrettini competed in the London tournament at Queen’s. They also had similar hypothetical rivals Rafael Nadal. The Croatian, in the round of 16 and the Italian, in the semifinals.

Berrettini was at the All England Club a week before the tournament, also alongside Rafa Nadal, where he trains at center.

The Swede entered Berrettini’s place Elijah Ymer, ‘lucky loser’, taken after losing in the previous stage.

Source: La Verdad


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