Nelson Piquet apologized to Hamilton for the racist comments


Nelson Piquet apologized to Hamilton for the racist comments

The three -time Formula 1 world champion, the Brazilian Nelson Picketapologized this Wednesday with the British pilot Lewis Hamilton then made a racist comment although he claimed to have been misunderstood.

Piquet commented in a television interview in which he called the seven -time world champion of the highest motor racing category “neguinho” (black), which caused intense controversy and a wave of condemnation throughout the Formula field. 1.

“It’s sad what I saidand I am not defending that, but I will clarify that the term is one of the longest and historically used colloquially in Brazilian Portuguese as a synonym of ‘type’ or ‘person’ and never with the intention of offending ”, Piquet reasoned in a statement.

The Brazilian stressed that he would never “use” the word for which he was “accused in some translations” and said his goal was not to “underestimate a pilot because of the color of his skin.”

I apologize to everyone affected, including Lewis.that was a great pilot, but the translation in some media and that is now spreading on social networks is not right, ”he added.

Piquet emphasized that “There is no place for discrimination in F1 or in society” and said he would be “glad to clarify” his opinion on the matter.

Piquet’s statement came a day after the Mercedes driver reacted to the Brazilian’s comment, which he considered “the result of archaic mentalities”.

It is more than just a language. These archaic mentalities must change and have no place in our sport. I have been surrounded by these thoughts throughout my life. There was plenty of time to learn. The time has come for action, ”Hamilton, who has fought racism in recent years, wrote on his social networks.

Piquet’s statements were also condemned by the FIA, Mercedes, Ferrari and other Formula 1 teams, which denied “any use of racist or discriminatory language”.

Source: La Verdad


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