Chelsea is investigating allegations of harassment at the club


Chelsea is investigating allegations of harassment at the club

Chelsea’s new owners have appointed an “external review team” to investigate allegations of harassment within the club after a New York Times article revealed that conditions at a club department were lead to a “toxic work culture”.

According to this information, former employee Richard Bignell took his own life in January and the coroner’s report linked the event to “despair after losing his job.”

Chelsea “will investigate allegations made under previous ownership,” according to a statement referring to the board headed by Roman Abramovich, who sold the club to American tycoon Toddy Boehly in May.

The promise of the new board

The statement added: “The new club board strongly believes in a work environment and corporate culture that empowers its employees and ensures they are safe, included, valued and trusted. The new owners are take the first steps to cultivate an environment that is consistent with our values. “

Bignell has been described by the club as a “dearly loved member” and “a very popular and highly respected member of the wider family of football and sports broadcasting”.

The statement concluded: “Our hearts go out to all of Richard’s family. His passing was deeply felt by his colleagues at the club and the entire football community. Upon learning of the circumstances, the new ownership actively reached out to Richard’s family through their attorney.

Source: La Verdad


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