Piquet’s 7 Biggest Tone Outburst


He is a three -time champion in F1, as are legends like Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda or Aryrton Senna. Only Prost, Vettel (both 4), Fangio (5), Hamilton and Michael Schumacher (both 7) have more crowns than him. He competed in 204 Grand Prix, won 23 F1 races, had 24 pole positions, 60 podiums, 23 fastest laps, 3 hat-tricks and 3 Grand Chelems. But his repeated outbursts have become prominent from his exploits, such as ugly comment to hamiltonwhich he called “little black” on several occasions.

Nelson’s numbers are a great champion. And to them we must add a tense struggle with an antagonist like that Nigel Mansell that he could magnify his legend. But that battle has always been in the shadow of rivalry Prost-Senna. and himself Nelson Picket, star of this article, despite being a two-time champion in 1984 he made his debut Ayrton, had to resign himself to see how his countryman’s strange character made Ayrton an idol without Nelson in his country and around the world. Ayton liked his aggressive, very fast driving and his skill in the rain. And with his figure, he snatched Piquet’s popularity.

while, Nelson He was a more calculated man. A pilot son of a minister whose father wanted to take him to the tennis courts. That’s why he ran with the last name picket, from his mother and not from his father (Souto Maior), to hide his progress on the asphalt until he reached F1 in 1978. The calculation of that character, however, did not avoid problems, in instead they were attracted. Nelson used his statements to journalists for his psychological games, to the point of exceeding the limit on many occasions, thus evoking the memory of a great driver who now also remembers many times losing his angry.

His fight with Mansell is fictionalwhere he was with a team Williams in 1986 and 1987, this past year achieved his third and final crown in F1. And in his words he did not stop trying to discredit Senna. Here are some of the most notable phrases of picket.


“Senna is a gay and a taxi driver from Sao Paulo”

Against Senna, the cast is great. Possibly one of his strongest attempts to attack Ayrton was the one that targeted the sexual orientation of his countrymen. “Ayrton Senna is a queer and a taxi driver from Sao Paulo,” he said bluntly. “The only sentence I said that came out of my mouth was: ‘oh, ask him why he doesn’t like women.’ That’s all I said! He wrote a great story, said I played with his sexuality. . ”, He recently pointed to Júnior Coimbra’s YouTube channel to justify a phrase that bothered him. But that phrase is not the worst. When asked by a journalist if Senna was better than him as a pilot, his answer couldn’t be more rude: “I’m alive”, he said in reference to Paulista, who died in 1994 in an accident in Imola .



“How can you have such a nasty girl?”

He also had hurtful words against his partner Mansell. In this case, he attacked Nigel in the worst way, picking up his wife. “How do you have an ugly woman as a Formula 1 driver?” he says. “Mansell is a rude fool and his wife is fat and old,” he said.



I hid the toilet paper from Mansell

But that’s not all. His coldness reached such extreme that according to legend the driver from Rio de Janeiro even hid his toilet paper inside the Williams team. “I don’t want to be anyone’s friend,” Piquet often said when he was an F1 driver, thinking only of winning and winning again, above all else.



More attacks on Mansell … and Briatore!

As if that wasn’t enough, a few years after leaving F1 he insulted Mansell again and also had words for Flavio Briatore because of the feud with Flavio that emerged over the future of his son Nelsinho Piquet Jr outside Renault: “Nigel Mansell? An idiot. Flavio Briatore? A bandit. Niki Lauda? That’s my teacher,” he replied in the interview.



This is how he asked for votes for Bolsonaro

To understand Nelson’s profile, it is also important to know his closeness to a politician like Jair Bolsonaro, a racist, homophone and misogynist, a controversial and extremist president that Nelson publicly supported in 2018 with a phrase saying all ito. “Who is the fagot here to be voted in PT?” he said that year in a meeting.

Nelson Piquet, hit Salazar at Hockenheim


Slapped at Hockenheim

To all of this, we must add the unfortunate image he starred in at the 1982 Hockenheim Grand Prix with Chilean Eliseo Salazar. The Brazilian attacked with fists after the clash. Nelson got out of the car and without thinking he went to Elisha for explanations, and when he was not given nearly time for an answer, Piquet launched a few blows with his hands on his rival’s helmet and a kick that Salazar was able to avoid.



He called Hamilton “black”

Nelson Piquet’s last known tone outing took place a year ago, when he was studying on television Hamilton’s action against Verstappen, (his son-in-law) at Silverstone, where the Dutchman landed on the walls very quickly.
“The ‘neguinho’ (black) placed the car in such a way that Verstappen could not guide it. The ‘neguinho’ did it because he knew the two could not pass that corner. He was lucky that only the other vehicle collided, he acted on dirty way ”, said the former Brazilian champion about the famous maneuver. These words caused a stir in F1 a year later, ahead of the 2022 F1 British GP.

In addition to his numbers, Piquet left good moments on the track such as Ayrton Senna’s memorable overtake of Hungary in 1986, considered one of the best in history, an action from the outside that ended in Nelson slides sideways in the middle of the curve to combine overtaking with multiple classes. A phenomenon that remains in the shadow of his words. Her character and her mouth make her even more memorable for things beyond her hands.

Source: La Verdad


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