"I’m so glad Carlos Sainz continues to be on the ground"


Pepe Oriola (Barcelona/1994), current pilot of Aggressive Italy Team ng hyundaiattend the MD at the emblematic restaurant Carpe Diem of Barcelona where he was ambassador for 5 years. The Catalan driver remembers his beginnings in the motor world, which he competed on many occasions Carlos Sainz Jr.the new winner eventually British Grand Prix. Despite the passage of time, the two pilots keep their relationship intact and continue to meet regularly to remember the old times.

“I was a teammate then Carlos on karts for almost 6 years. Whenever we see each other. When he arrived in Barcelona I called him and we met. I remember that when he started in Formula 1, I was just making my first steps into international TCR. I was so happy that he kept stepping on the ground. Not because he was a Ferrari driver did he forget his friends ”, joked the Catalan.

Exactly, it is Carlos Sainz father who advised him to dedicate himself to the world of motorsports. I run in cars because Carlos Sainz my father told me that it would be better in a car with a less thin steering wheel. Formula 1 is for fine hands and I was more of a profile for rallies but at that age I couldn’t do it because I didn’t even have a driving license. That’s why we decided to focus on passenger vehicles, “he fondly recalled. oriola.

oriola started in June a new project on Aggressive Italy Team who is driving Mauro GuastamacchiToday will end the TCR Europe season with a Hyundai Elantra N TCR. “The level in Europe is very high and re -competing here has been a challenge. My goal is to enter the Top 5”, said the young man.

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Source: La Verdad


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